Monthly Magic delivers ritual into your hands every month! Our ritual box subscription service provides a ritual box each month, curated to uphold and celebrate the rituals of the coming holiday in the Wheel of the Year, as well as additional themed boxes to enhance awareness and self care practices for those months which fall between holidays. Enrolling for our Monthly Magic service means you’ll never miss all the goodness we’ve created for each month’s ritual celebrations. You’ll also enjoy a specially discounted monthly price and free shipping!

Ritual box contents are freshly curated each season with new, full-sized Magic Fairy Candles products and the highest quality tools!


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Our Magical Tools Ritual Box includes:

• Magical Herbs with Mica
• Mortar & Pestle
• Road Opener Bath Bomb
• Palo Santo | Selenite | Cedar Bundle
• Tarot Soy Candle
• Rose of Jericho
• Sigil Art Card
• Magical Tools Ritual Booklet

Do not wait. Begin your practice now! This potent collection of tools places the power of ritual into your open hands. Cast from our Earth’s iron ore, the mortar & pestle is an historically essential tool which can be used immediately with the enclosed herbs to set an intention & charge your candle. A Rose of Jericho resurrection plant opens as you provide water, which after soaking in the plant’s roots can be used for blessings. The enclosed Tarot candle is divined for you at the time of shipment as we prepare your box. Consider it a single card spread from which you may intuit guidance through self awareness. Prepare for ritual with the vibrant aromas of the Road Opener bath bomb while enjoying the sweetness of Palo Santo’s rich fragrance as it smolders. You’ll also enjoy powerfully intuitive energy via a selenite stone, as well as the knowledge of Sigil creation & practices. Each tool & each step of ritual practice is clearly explained in your ritual booklet. It’s time to begin!

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Brimming with powerful items carefully curated to lovingly support your moon practice for many months, you’ll take pleasure in soothing away the intensity of the full moon with a specially charged full moon bath bomb while shifting your energetic body into a higher realm with copal smoldering in your iron cauldron. Or prepare to set intentions with the new moon using a fragrant salt soak and a blazing new moon soy candle. A wolf talisman is provided to lift your courage, while a milky selenite stone spar doubles down on boosting your intuition. Clear and simple instruction comes easily via the ritual booklet. There you find descriptions and uses for every item, instructions for casting your circle, performing rituals for both the full and new moons, as well as complete information on all the moons of the year. Did someone say powerful? Hell yeah!

Our Phases of the Moon Ritual Box includes:

  • New Moon Salt Soak with Quartz
  • Iron Cauldron with Copal & Charcoal
  • Full Moon Bath Bomb
  • Selenite Stone with Lavender
  • New Moon 8.5oz Soy Body Candle
  • Soapstone Wolf Talisman & Incense
  • Phases of the Moon Ritual Booklet

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Now more important than ever!

Badass Self Care Package Includes…

  • Band of Thieves 63% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
  • Band of Thieves Salt & Charcoal Goat’s Milk Soap
  • Band of Thieves Bath Bomb
  • Permission Bath Bomb
  • Full Moon Soy Body Candle

A band of four thieves in 18th century Marseilles, arrested while fleecing bodies of plague victims for valuables, were protected by their own herbal blend. They bargained for their lives with the recipe. Our blend of Thieves-inspired oil continues the legacy of essential well being via a trusted herbal recipe. Enjoy a trio of awesome products made with this potent blend!

Paired with an uplifting Permission bath bomb with notes of Cedar, Lemongrass, & Ginger, along with a Full Moon candle’s calming notes of Lavender & Sage, you’ll be deeply caring for your immune system by reducing stress, keeping clean, & lifting your spirits.

Made by our very small crew, carefully observing the most current safe handling practices, we’ll ship directly to you. Or you are welcome to receive it from our pick up window!

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Be kind and good to one another.

All my love,


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