The Power of The Rose

Hello Beautiful Human! Did you know that our magical herb blend is used in the majority of our products? Crafted carefully with intention, these herbs are blended in such a way that they shower you with love and enhance your practice. The blend contains:

Dried leaves of abre camino and palo santo
Dried flowers of jasmine, calendula, and chamomile
Dried petals of rose and cornflower
Dried and grated High John the Conqueror root
Cross roads dust and mica
All potently charged by a multitude of crystals

Today I felt called to speak of our beloved rose. Rose has been revered in mysticism for centuries due to its profound ability to protect. Offered in meditation and after clearings, we are encouraged to surround ourselves with protection roses that ground deep into our earth. So deep, in fact, that they dance with the element of fire and simply burn away into the ethers. These protection roses help pull down any negative energy before it reaches our space. It’s a powerful practice and as you continue your work with the light, I encourage you to find ways to protect yourself.

Rosebuds also offer a multitude of medicinal qualities (aka they are badass). Not only will they help you significantly on a spiritual plane, but they can assist your physical body in the here and now. They help with inflammation, can act as a sedative, alleviate depression and help you digest. Is there anything the rose can’t do? Recently there have been studies conducted that link the rose to the slowing of cancer growth. Another wonderful reason to surround yourself in their beauty.

Our herb blend is best crushed (with a mortar and pestle) and placed in your candle. Please note that this particular blend is not to be ingested. When you create your circle and set intention before you light the candle’s flame, the herbs help to magnify the workings of your spell. The rose petal used in this manner helps add high vibrational energy to your practice, calling in more light.

Energy is felt in all things, all places. Awareness of this energy and our connection to the elements helps us to create a fuller, more conscious life. An intimate understanding of self leads to one’s true home.

I love you,


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