Never before in The Digital Age has the globe experienced a communal softening or quieting of the mind. It is not surprising that when I recently pulled my cards that The Hermit emerged. According to Rachel Pollack, the author of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, The Hermit signifies “an emotional withdrawal from other people and from activities once thought to be all-important.” The Great Pause we’re collectively experiencing has forced us to embrace The Hermit’s credeo: an outward withdrawal for a profound experience within.

The term ‘hermit’ often strikes up a negative connotation in our fast-paced society. Interestingly enough this archetype has long been revered throughout the centuries. Acknowledged as a wise sage, The Hermit teaches us to quiet the consciousness, or often the mirage created by the ego, and to explore the subconscious space where the truth can be found. He or she (originally depicted as a goddess before the patriarchy took hold), can often be found in our dreams. Have you ever experienced a vivid dream where you were led by a benevolent guide? That is the spirits moving you gently back on the solid path. If you listen closely enough you can hear them even in your waking hours.

I hope you use this time to heed The Hermit’s message. By casting aside the glitter and sparkle of our outer world and diving deep within we discover infinite knowledge. Not only about ourselves but about the mysteries of the universe. Try meditating for twenty minutes each morning. I know this is difficult. Start out with two minutes and add a minute each day until you achieve twenty. Watch what magic unfolds! You are able to see the signs so much more clearly. You’re reconnecting with old friends out of the blue. You’re experiencing joyful surprises that you didn’t think possible.

When we slow down and nurture the relationship with the deepest part of our collective knowledge the universe responds in kind. For we are all just mirrors, just echoing thoughts of powerful bright white energy. When our mind is clear and our hearts are open, there really are no limits to the brilliance that unconditional love could and will deliver. Keep the faith. The universe makes no mistakes. We might struggle with our acceptance, but in due time the lesson is always clear.

I love you.


In solitude you empty out & make ready a new vessel for the filling.

Copal & Patchouli.

Make time for solitude—no devices or distractions. Lengthen each exhalation as you release expectations with every breath. What is the one thing you keep trying to hold on to? Exhale and let go.

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