Mother Nature is the ultimate goddess blessing us with her bounty daily. We often take for granted the gorgeous plant life, wildlife, oceans, mountains and endless beauty. It warms our heart to see more and more small businesses become mindful and do their best to be green.

What does “going green” mean? Essentially it’s a commitment to be as environmentally friendly as possible, adhering to the three pillars: reduce, reuse, recycle.

We’re proud that Magic Fairy Candles has been a part of the solution from day one. Here are some tactics we’ve taken to make sure we’re doing our part to respect our planet: All of our plastic containers are made with 20% recycled plastic and are completely recyclable. Yup, even our lip balm tubs!

We use organic, naturally sourced, local and renewable sources for our ingredients whenever and wherever possible.

Our packing materials are 100% recyclable. That’s right, even our packing peanuts are biodegradable!!!
We reuse or recycle almost everything in our manufacturing process.

Our goal is to help heal our planet and leave things better than we found them. We hope this encourages you to do the same.

I love you.