Tomorrow, March 19 marks the Spring Equinox. It’s a celebration dated back thousands of years when farmers greeted the warmer weather with joy. Although it seems counterintuitive, I believe we should be welcoming this holiday with more fervor than ever before. Social distancing requires us to keep away from crowded areas for our safety, but nowhere in this mantra is a mandate to separate yourself from nature. I encourage each and every one of us to get outside. Never hugged a tree? Today is the day!


Here are some suggestions of how to welcome the Spring Equinox:

    • Get out and garden! Dig your hands into the earth and plant your seeds. You can find wonderful information online about what types of vegetables, plants and flowers do best in your area. Most hardware stores have remained open and will have the supplies you need. You could also order plants online!
    • Go for a nature walk. Greet each beautiful tree and plant you see outside with a kind hello. Smell the flowers. Splash your feet in a puddle. Notice what wildlife you see whether that be insects, birds or squirrels. Maybe you’ll encounter a deer or a fox on your hike! Lay down in a meadow and look at the clouds. What shapes do you see?
    • Give gratitude for your furry friends. Take your dog for long, serene walks. Don’t have a dog? The local shelters are in desperate need of help – volunteers and fosters. Consider opening your home to a puppy over these coming weeks. All their food, supplies and medical costs are covered. It’s your job to shelter them, play with them and enjoy their cuddles. We can rejoice in the knowledge that dogs are not carriers of this virus.
    • Plant Your Seeds. Take time to journal. At a time when the world gets quiet, much like the silence from a heavy snowstorm, it’s a great opportunity to go within. What feeds your passions? What motivates you? What people are closest to you? What makes you laugh?
    • Nourish Your Soul. Take time to paint, put together a puzzle or call a loved one. Take a long, hot delicious bath. Treat yourself to a bath bomb! Our spring collection contains notes of rose geranium, patchouli and lavender. While you watch it fizz and fill the water with its gorgeous aroma ask yourself this – In earth’s awakening how shall you kindle your life’s vital force? 


  • Develop Ritual. While working from home the hours can bleed into each other. Make sure to set timers. Set boundaries with yourself around your screen time. Set breaks. I love to start each day with my morning practices. I light a candle and sit quietly to meditate. I write a gratitude list. 


Let’s use this time to cherish one another and the beautiful planet around us. I am always here to offer hope, support and understanding. I’m so very grateful for all of you.


I love you,



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