Smudging is an essential part of ritual. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve provided you with a way to smudge in every ritual box I’ve provided. That was not by accident! Smudging allows us to clear our space energetically. Think about it, what is your meditation like with incense versus without? Maybe try it out this week to better understand what I mean. Our senses are constantly aware of the smells around us, even if only on a subconscious level. And perhaps that sixth sense, that not everyone explores, needs to be nurtured as well. I consider this sense, unacknowledged in our mainstream culture, to be one of profound connection energetically to the unseen. Smudging let’s us reset our energies and tap into this world, even if momentarily.

This herb has been used for centuries in numerous cultures. Originally dating back to ancient Egypt, sage is burned to help promote healing and to cleanse a person’s aura. This term also refers to a person with profound and ancient wisdom. I do not think this a coincidence! I like to burn sage when I want to rid myself of any energies that no longer serve me. As an empath, I pick up on others’ emotions much more deeply. Having a vast emotional resonance is both a blessing and a curse. You sensitive souls understand this dilemma. By being able to pick up on others around me with a highly tuned emotional radar, I’m able to quell fears, offer protection, and provide unconditional love. However, when someone comes to me with their intense nervous energy it can sometimes linger, even after the worrier has physically left my realm. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’ve picked some of this up! This is why at the beginning and end of each day I take time for ritual, which almost always involves the smudging or burning of sage. This clears the space and dissipates any negative energy that doesn’t belong to me. This also clears my space and allows a more harmonious connection with Spirit.

Palo Santo
100% sustainable, Palo Santo simply translates to “Sacred Wood.” Taken from Bursera graveolens, a magical tree found in the forests of South America, this plant is now protected by the government of Peru. The gathering of the wood we use now in ritual is only procured from fallen or dead trees to sustain and nurture this mystical force of nature for centuries to come. I absolutely adore the aroma! Part of the citrus family, this tree has hints of lemon, mint and pine. While sage is used to clear your area and dispel negative energy, Palo Santo is used to draw good energy into your space. Highly vibrational, Palo Santo asks to bring in all the spirit guides that surround you, seen or unseen. When you burn this ‘Holy Wood” you are quietly asking for a blessing and some guidance from the universe.

If you are new to smudging this might seem a bit overwhelming! Start slowly. Burn sage, Palo Santo or perhaps simply some incense. Close your eyes. Breathe in the aromas. Tap into your body and how you are feeling before and after you light your herb or wood of choice. What shifts after you smudge your room? Do you feel lighter? Do you feel clear? There is no wrong way to smudge a room as long as your intention is clear. You can actually use Palo Santo and Sage interchangeably. The Creative Intelligence hears your call even if the tools might not be exactly right. It’s always about spiritual progress, not perfection.

This week I encourage you to start each day with some smudging and journal about it, even if for only five minutes. By creating this beautiful intention each morning your days will feel richer, more aligned and more magical. By simply acknowledging your sixth sense and saying a soft hello your guides will help you move along each day with more grace and ease than you ever thought possible. I can’t wait to see what this practice does for you!

With so much love,


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