September 2021 Tarotscopes

Happy September!

This is probably my favorite time of the year. I love the crisp clean air and bright colors that fall brings. It leaves me feeling cozy and protected. A much appreciated vibe after the huge shift of the Aquarian full moon.

Noted by a huge emotional upheaval, this moon demanded that we let go of what no longer serves us. Just like that Tower energy, it had us shook.

This month, as the dust settles, we start to embark on the journey our soul has been craving for quite some time. It’s foreign and fascinating. I encourage you to embrace each day with curiosity. You’re not the same person you were only thirty days ago. A massive transformation has taken place right before your eyes. Are you satisfied with the person you’ve been tasked to become?

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Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 22) – The Devil
Virgo I suspect you are having a dark night of the soul, seeing that you received this card last month as well. In these moments of despair and heartbreak it seems the pain will never end. I promise you that this too shall pass! You will emerge as a stronger, braver and more powerful version of yourself than you ever thought possible. Here are some suggestions for how to get through this: allow yourself to cry but don’t wallow in it. Let your friends know what’s really going on and ask them to shower you in love. Step up your self-care in any way shape or form. It can mean eating a block of cheese and watching back-to-back reruns of Love Island if that’s all you can handle right now. Take time to journal and free-write each day. See what’s bubbling up to the surface. Make an appointment immediately with your therapist to start unpacking some of this shit and slowly move into solution. And when all else fails? Watch this dumb ass video from SNL. It gets me every time.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) – Judgement
When we cast our judgement on something, we’re actually just cheating ourselves. We’re denying ourselves a rich and deep understanding of the truth. I’ll give you an example. I’m sober and went to a recovery meeting in Las Vegas when I was there. It was quite fascinating! There was a nun, guys in business suits, women in the sex industry, and everything in between. This dude from a motorcycle gang gets up to the front and I’m thinking to myself “what’s this guy gotta say?” He breaks out his book and his nerdy glasses and gives a talk about spirituality that I’ll never forget. One of the many reasons I love going to 12-step meetings. It forces me to break my nasty habit of judging others. People shock the shit out of me all the time. How can you embody the spirit of a judgement-free zone this month? Do you subconsciously judge people based upon their profession? How much money you assume is in their bank account? Where their kids go to school? What if you let all that societal nonsense slide away? I wonder who is out there who is one of your many soulmates just waiting to meet you. Don’t deny yourself deep friendship and wonder based upon tired assumptions.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 22) – The Hermit
The world is opening back up again and some of us just aren’t ready. That is the energy of the Hermit. He’s craving more solitude and time alone with his own thoughts. This is a gentle reminder to you that you don’t need to create any false FOMO (fear of missing out) or push yourself to attend events. Take some time for yourself and embrace what it means to be alone and not lonely. How is your relationship with yourself going these days? Have you asked yourself what you want in a while? Have you spoken to any of your character defects and said hello? Have you taken a moment to welcome fear to the party and make sure it knows your boundaries? This month is a time for self-reflection in the funnest and kindest way possible. We’re not using this analysis as an emotional weapon of self-shaming sabotage. We’re using the experience to get to know ourselves a bit better so we can fall in love with our good parts all over again. As you sit and journal, be sure to ponder this question as much as possible: what are my very best traits?

Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 20) – Strength
Ever had those days where you’re like “Nope. No, I just can’t handle it anymore. This is too much!” Well maybe YOU can’t handle it, but let me tell you that the Universe can. In your most challenging moments this month you’re simply being taught the lesson of letting go. I’ve talked about it before and I think it’s worth mentioning again, it’s always a fun exercise to build what I call a “God Box.” And please have it noted that God is a word that is not meant to be triggering, just a reference point for a much larger concept that I won’t even try to pretend to understand. Anyway, this God Box is constructed of a shoebox where you are going to super glue the lid down to the base and cut a slit in the top. Like a piggy bank where there is no exit plan. You can color it however you like, throw stickers all over, write prayers you find helpful, whatever is going to make you smile when you see it (mine is covered in puffy dinosaur stickers). Every time you experience a hurdle you think you won’t be able to overcome, simply write it all down on a piece of paper and put it in the box. This is a tangible way to help you get into the emotional act of giving it over. Try it and let me know if it helps. And lastly, one important thing to remember: you’re stronger than you think.

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 20) – The Sun
Dude, if you only knew how deeply the universe loves you. The Guides are totally blown away by your work ethic, your big heart and your snarky sense of dark humor. This imposter syndrome has got to go. It’s eating you up inside. This month the Universe has heard your call for help and is going to show up in ways that blow your mind. You’ll feel more safe and secure than you’ve felt before, maybe more so than any other time in your life. That warm glow from the sun will light you up from the inside out, helping you recognize what a magnificent creature you really are. The false beliefs will burn away in the brilliance and make way for something magical. Giving me major Kalessi in Game of Thrones vibes when she walks out of the fire naked holding three baby dragons. You’re emerging stronger than ever and you’re back in that divine flow. A suggestion: take the time to notice who hasn’t been reacquainted with the sunlight of the spirit. What could you do to help them step out from the shadows? Service is always appreciated by the Goddesses so make sure to share your wealth of happiness with those around you this month.

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19) – The Hanged Man
Recently I had a seasoned tarot reader connect the Hanged Man to the birth canal. At first I didn’t get it, but upon closer inspection it made sense. All this time we thought the hanged man was in danger, but he’s just hanging out. He’s gaining a new perspective to reemerge again, back into the world as a changed person. Sometimes this moment can feel scary or overwhelming as we start in the dark, but just like the butterfly who waits quietly in her cocoon, you’re about to be pushed out in the world, so much better off than you were before. What clues have you been missing lately? Is there something the Guides have been trying to tell you that you keep ignoring? Is there a situation that has been driving you nuts? Is there a better way to look at it? This month I recommend some non-dominant hand writing. Take out a journal. Ask your question with your dominant writing hand. Now put your writing utensil in the non-dominant hand and wait to see what arises. It’s a wonderful way to communicate with your guides and see things as you’ve never seen them before.

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20) – The High Priestess
As my friend Madam Adam likes to say “The High Priestess is not a bouncer.” Sure she sits upon her throne at the entrance to the Akashic Records, but there is no indication that she wouldn’t be ready and willing to invite you inside. All you have to do is ask. She’s full of mystery and this mystic is ready to help you return to the truth. This month you might want to try out your psychic powers. Try thinking about someone and sending them a message to call you. See how quickly it takes for them to pick up your signal. Pull a tarot card from your deck in the morning and don’t flip it over. Instead guess what it is and journal about it. At the end of the day reveal the card you picked and reread your journal entry. Pretty wild eh? And lastly, take a moment to connect with your Guides in a sacred space. It could be a small altar you’ve built at home or while sitting in your bathtub. Just make it about you, the Universe and no distractions. See what the Guides have to whisper in your ear. Did you pick up some divine inspiration? Know exactly which way to turn? The High Priestess reminds us of our powers long forgotten from childhood. We all have the ability to go deeper. It’s simply about intention and practice.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) – The Star
Right after the Tower appears we have the Star. The Tower was the card of divine destruction, bringing everything down to the studs and in this space of The Star is where the rebuild begins. It acknowledges that things haven’t been easy and that things are starting to get better. We’re stepping back into the light. As you walk along under that bright haze of angelic light, take a moment to celebrate the miracle of your life. The Star is the tarot’s card of hope. It asks us to acknowledge our soul from the perspective of the collective superconscious. Don’t examine yourself as a human in this three dimensional reality trying to do this thing called adulting (pro tip: no one is ever doing it right). Instead examine your soul. Are you kind? Compassionate? Trying to do the next right thing? Are you showing up? Doing your best? This is all the Universe asks of you. The rest is just an illusion. So before you get down on yourself on ‘where you are’ first take a moment to reflect upon ‘where you’ve been.’ We are constantly on this track to succeed, but what if the success simply ‘was’. YOU are the gift, the magic and the reward. And you don’t have to do anything in order to experience the celebration. Sometimes it’s essential to just BE.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) – The World
One of your sexiest qualities Taurus is your humility. You don’t like to boast or brag and usually keep a low profile. This doesn’t mean that you haven’t accomplished great things, you just tend to do them quietly and without a need for recognition. This month, the energy of the World is encouraging you to break this humble trend and celebrate your vast achievements. The World is the tarot’s card of completion. You’ve gone through the entire Fool’s journey all the way to the end. Now that you’ve landed on the last card in the Major Arcana, it’s essential to pause before you begin again. The journey never truly ends as we just get to go again and peel back another layer of the onion. What are some goals or milestones you’ve hit in this past year? And remember, success isn’t always quantitative. You could simply look at how you’ve grown as an individual. How many people have you helped lately? How have you flourished emotionally? What has caused your greatest growth? There is much to acknowledge if you look a bit more closely. Be proud of yourself and the ways you show up.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 21) – The Hierophant
Often the mentor, this month I suspect you’ll be the mentee. The Hierophant almost always points to a scholarly relationship. One of give and take where thoughts and ideas are expressed freely to benefit both parties. While there is often a level of hierarchy, this is not always the case. Instead you can think of yourselves as fellow travelers, helping each other grow every step of the way. What is some craft or trade you’ve been interested in exploring? How are others in your life here as your teachers? I find that no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get away from road rage. Thank goodness I’ve developed the power of pause, allowing me to wait a few seconds before I lean heavily on the horn. It has me rethinking the life of the imaginary person in the other vehicle. Perhaps they were in a rush to the hospital. Maybe they’ve lost someone recently and are a bit off today. People doing nutty things while driving are always my greatest teacher. Not only do they teach me about compassion, but about myself. Why did I just get so angry? Did they trigger an old wound? Mentors are everywhere when we pause and see reality for what it really is: a way to express love and understanding to one another no matter what the circumstances hold. It’s easy to be nice to someone who is kind. It’s experiential learning to be nice to someone who is suffering.

Cancer (Jun 22-July 23) – The Emperor
Cancer you might be represented by the tough exterior of a crab, but there is nothing but a soft and gentle heart that resides within. In touch with the divine feminie, you are the ruler of the home, creating a safe and sacred space for yourself and those you love. The Emperor indicates that there is a need for the chaotic creative of the Goddess to be grounded in reality. Ruler of authority and logic, the Emperor is in divine balance with the feminine when he does his best to support her and help her shine. You are on a quest this month to balance that energy. This month I want you to get outside as much as possible. Put your feet in the rich earth and wiggle your toes. Close your eyes and take in the smells, feelings and sounds. Hug a tree if you feel called! The Great Outdoors will act as the anchor this Emperor energy is seeking. There is almost a gravitational pull back to your deck or your phone, but I promise you that the solutions do not reside within your electronic contraptions. The answers will come when you root your powerful wisdom in earthly energies, allowing your system to rest and recharge. And in this great space, much will be accomplished. For a happy Cancer is always a productive one.

Leo (Jul 24 – Aug 23) – The Chariot
Did somebody say roar? The Chariot is here asking you to embrace your talents and put them forth in the world. Nothing stands in your way. And maybe that’s part of the problem Leo. You know all too well about your powers of manifestation. You’re currently just not sure which way to put them. Here is an idea for you that will satisfy your spontaneous nature. Take a bunch of mini adventures and questions and write them down on slips of paper. Fold each paper in half and put them in a large fish bowl. Each day this month pull one out and see where the universe is directing your energy. It might not make much sense at first, but as the days go on you’ll start to understand that this exercise is performing a deep excavation of your psyche. You’re starting to learn more about yourself and what truly makes you happy. What activities felt nourishing and rejuvenating? What fell flat and left you unstimulated? What questions did you skip because you felt they were ‘dumb’ or ‘annoying’? Maybe it’s not about the answer but the clues lie in the question itself. As you start to get to know your truest self the answers will come. By the end of the month you’ll have a clear path forward and this time it’ll feel more powerful than ever before.

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