To affirm is to amplify life. When we lift up our words in the form of an affirmation, we are declaring the beauty and worth of our entire being. You need not be a writer to compose an affirmation. If you are willing to reflect upon your heart’s desires, you are already halfway there.

Allow time for reflection through a long walk or resting in nature. In a way, this is the opposite of meditation. Instead of simply noticing thoughts as they rise and fall away, you are measuring them against your heart to take note of what resonates.

Without thinking too much about the meaning, jot down words which came to mind as you reflected.

• Begin in a general way with broad topics such as love, care, peace, or mind.
• Next, write three more specific words in each category. What kind of love? Describe each.
• Finally, list phrases which will begin your affirmations. Common beginning phrases include “I am, I can, I will, I know.”

The writing of your lists may look a little like this:

Love Honest, Complete, Enduring I am, I can
Spirit Perfect, Devotion, Honoring I know
Happiness Daily, Thoughtful, Simple I choose, May I
Mind Calm, Spacious, Whole I open, I let
Heart Firm, Tenacious, Lasting I will, I focus
Care Gentle, Necessary, Kind I have, I deserve

Play with your lists. Use an affirmative phrase, followed by descriptive words in random order to see where your heart leads you. Or, maybe cut out your words and move them around in various combinations. There is no right way for an affirmation to be born. Let intuition be your guide.

Your affirmation is yours. It is perfectly suited to your needs.

The combinations which make you gasp, or smile, or cry—those are the affirmations you need to hear spoken aloud. From the given example, an affirmation born from those lists may look a little like this:

I am complete love.
I know and honor my perfect spirit.
May I choose happiness daily.
I open my whole mind
and focus my heart
on lasting, necessary care.

Write out your affirmation and place it where you will see it each day. You may also choose to recite it during the ritual step of casting your circle.

Know that yours is the right affirmation for you, right now.

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