Self-care Sunday is an essential part of my week. By taking the time to nurture my soul and fill my cup, I’m able to replenish and re-energize. It allows me to move into my week ahead much more productive and focused. Sometimes we think if we only work harder or attack the challenge with more gusto that it will be resolved. Often this is true, however it’s also important to understand the delicate balance of letting go. By taking a day off or putting our troubles on a shelf we do ourselves a world of good. It allows  us to come back to work with renewed purpose and enthusiasm. What do you do to practice self-care? It’s needed now more than ever.

As Lightworkers it’s important to offer ourselves the space to recuperate energetically. It is part of the process, part of the cycle. Often we are generous in our emotional support and forget to save some of that comfort and grace for ourselves. I’ve put together our Badass Self Care Package with you in mind. I find that putting ritual around my self-care helps me treat it more seriously and consistently.

In the box you’ll find:

  • A hand-poured soy wax candle
    • I keep part of the fun in the mystery! Each month I choose a different candle that will best assist your rest and relaxation.
  • A soap featuring our magical herbs
    • Again, this changes monthly to help you cleanse and release any negative energy that doesn’t belong to you.
  • Our Essential Oil or Mist
    • With a bounty of life’s nourishments before you, how shall you honor the essential? How will you honor yourself?
  • Essential Bath Bomb
    • Our labors in life produce more life. Not one thing exists alone. From the Latin essentia, meaning essence, every human, creature, stone, plant, grain of wheat, possesses an intrinsic nature which is essential to the whole of life.
  • Remember Bath Bomb
    • Within pale shadows, how shall you seek a deeper understanding?
  • Smudge Stick
    • To clear your space and your energy. To remove blocks and ground you back into the present moment.
  • A Ritual Booklet
    • This booklet contains a wealth of information to help you amplify your self-care practices and take time for YOU!

I love you so much! My purpose in life is to help people understand how truly they are loved. For love is all there ever was and all there ever will be.


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