Self-Acceptance, Defiance and Power

Recently I saw a post on social media that struck my heart. It said “It’s an act of defiance for a woman to accept herself wholly, completely, and without reservation.” Whoa! I felt that! In our society there are so many things that have gotten twisted over centuries as power danced in domination battles. It’s been convenient to create race wars, sexiest ideologies and commonly accepted mistruths in order to serve the ones with the highest power. A woman who doesn’t love herself will buy more. More gym equipment, lip fillers, magazines and self-help books, because she’s taken this false belief and made it her own. Ah, the insidious and stark reality of capitalism. Before you feel any ounce of defeat, I have a secret to tell you: the power has and always will live instead of you.

So let’s get defiant in the most peaceful way possible. Let’s do what they tell us is impossible. Let’s love ourselves. Deeply, unconditionally, like a mother loves her baby. Like Mother Earth loves all of her children. Think of all the mean things you say to yourself. Would you say them to your best friend? Of course not! Think of all the ways you defeat yourself before you even begin your journey: “I can’t do that, that’s crazy!” My love, you are NOT supposed to live in fear. Happiness, joy and abundance is your birthright.

You are all powerful and a fountain of knowledge. Women for centuries have not only been nurturing, loving and raising their young, but we’ve been fighting, hunting and making the impossible happen. As we navigate through this time of chaos and noise, start dropping into your body. Listen to what it says. If something you hear on the news or in print feels off, trust that knowing. And when you can, completely disconnect from the media. Give yourself a weekly media cleanse. It’s essential for your mind and your body.

We witches, princesses, queens, fairies, warriors, shield maidens and goddesses are returning to our truth that has been stripped from us for so long. We’ve been kept in the dark as so many fear our power. As you step into the light return to your ancestry and your community. Understand that competition with other women is a masculine construct and does not exist in the divine feminine. We are here to love and support each other, at any cost. Come back to that truth. Reconnect with your ancient knowledge about plant medicine and magic. If you listen closely you’ll see it never left you.

I hope you’ll come visit us in the store as we welcome you into our circle. We also hope you’ll continue to join us online each month as we join together in monthly spells to reclaim what is rightfully ours and remember our truth. This month our spell focuses on the most important type of love of all: self-love. It’s by loving yourself that your fire is ignited and you are able to do great things in this world.

I love you.


P.S. Our Self-Love Spell will be on Wed, August 19 at 5:30pm!

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