Today as I reflect on the year while reading a message written last spring after my son moved to Arizona, the love of my life moved on a path that did not include me and I was questioning my life’s purpose. The journey within began. Looking deep inside, taking responsibility for my choices and my relationships with my family, friends, community and God.

This year, as many of you know has been transformational. Transitioning away from being a wife, from having my children living at home and being a caretaker of others, into a realization of self. Awakening to a better understanding of unconditional love, self care and community. This is how I feel at this moment even more than the moment It was written last spring.
Standing tall in the day facing this beautiful life.
I feel love for so many in so many different ways.
True love happens to you within you, then you can love, love full, love with an open heart.
Shine your love light, shine it so bright everyone will see it, let everyone feel it, share it.
We get what we give.
To all the people I love, I hope you know how deep my love is for you, I hope you know how pure and true my love is for all of you.
May this year bring you peace.
May you be safe.
May you be happy.
So much love,

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