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Wisdom Bundle

Wisdom Bundle

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To possess knowledge or experience is the general definition of wisdom.  That is what our minds would let us believe.  Yet, true wisdom is rooted not only in what we know, but in what we are willing to not know.  When we rest the mind and heart in the spaciousness of not knowing, we are open to every possibility. 

Our sacred bundles gather together very specific tools for enacting magic in your life.  Every bundle arrives with its own ritual booklet providing detailed information about each item in your bundle, guiding questions, affirmations and incantations, directions for circle casting, and more!


Sage Smudge
Rough Emerald
Brass Bell
Abalone Shell
Wisdom Bundle Ritual Booklet

Care Guide


With my open heart
and mind, I make space
for the unknown.

With my breath and
the power of possibility
all wisdoms come.

My willingness
to loosen my grasp
lets new answers rise.

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