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New Moon Ritual Kit

New Moon Ritual Kit

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When we listen to the land, the sky, our hearts, we understand where life may be leading us.  Setting intentions under a new moon is a long-lived ritual.  Now's the moment to open yourself, making time to be still and listen.  Our New Moon ritual kit supports this time in the moon's cycle, with every item balanced with just the right energy.  Supported with a beautiful ritual booklet filled with altar suggestions, pages of New Moon rituals, recipes, steps for casting a circle, smudging, and all kinds of magical moon lore, you'll see the shadows of our moon in wonderful new ways, while honoring the same energy within you. 


New Moon Intention Tea Light
New Moon Ritual Tea
New Moon Salt & Charcoal Goat's Milk Soap
New Moon Salt Soak
Rough Black Tourmaline
New Moon Essential Oil
New Moon Ritual Booklet

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