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Beltane | Begin Anew Ritual Resin Incense

Beltane | Begin Anew Ritual Resin Incense

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To remember to love what we love and why we love is at the very center of a life’s exuberant spirit.  We are meant to be animated, passionate, and deeply kind.  With each fulfilling new joy we get to say yes once more.  

Instantly wrap yourself in a moment which connects you to all those throughout the ages honored by wafting tendrils of incense made sacred by time and the human heart.  Our hand blended, resin and botanical incense celebrates the scent and mood of the Sabbat.  


Amber and benzoin resins with botanicals of cornflower, lavender, and mugwort.

Care Guide

Within a fireproof vessel of your choosing, light and burn a charcoal disc until it is white. Then set a small portion of incense atop the disc's established heat to smolder. Leave no smoldering incense unattended until completely consumed and extinguished.


Change is its own paradox
persistent yet unfixed.
The newly discovered wish
is born of both change
and its persistence.

Permit me a thrilling ease
as change flows through
my open hands, my open heart
to transform and unfurl my soul.

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