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Awesome Sauce CBD Salve with 500mg CBD

Awesome Sauce CBD Salve with 500mg CBD

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This is a sauce for every occasion!  Sore back?  Spread some sauce on that.  Aching knees?  Yep, Awesome Sauce is what you want.  Want to speed healing and reduce discoloration?  Smooth some Sauce on any closed would or burn and let it do its magic.  Made with only the best organic oils and CBD, this salve does all the things!  Give it a try and you'll know exactly why we just had to cal lit Awesome Sauce!


Organic coconut oil, organic hemp oil, local Colorado's beeswax, organic arnica oil, organic copaiba balsam oil, 500mg of FUll Spectrum Spagyric Exgtraction CBD, and organic essential oils of frankincense, lavender, rosemary, clove, and peppermint.

Care Guide

Apply topically at areas of muscle or joing pain for analgesic assistance. Use on areas of skin spots to reduce discoloration. Apply to closed woulds and burns to speed healing.


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