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Ancestors Bundle

Ancestors Bundle

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Those who have come before us, walked the paths of their lives, yet carried the blood and DNA we also carry.  Though with us in every breath, they are particularly present when we find ourselves in need.  Our ancestors are a conduit to the inherent knowledge we possess simply by having descended from them.

Our sacred bundles gather together very specific tools for enacting magic in your life.  Every bundle arrives with its own ritual booklet providing detailed information about each item in your bundle, guiding questions, affirmations and incantations, directions for circle casting, and more!


Palo Santo
Sage Smudge
Pine Cone
Obsidian Arrowhead
Ancestors Bundle Ritual Booklet

Care Guide


By the light of those
who have gone before me
I am shown the way.

My life's path is wide
and full when walked
in their company.

My heart pulses
strong with the wisdom
of their multitudes.

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