The Unfolding

Created to spur vigorous change, these three potent aromas share a strength which does not fail to stimulate the senses. 


We invite you to delight in the unfolding year.

Phases of the Moon

Redolent of the profound cycles of the moon, these utterly unique scents are crafted and charged under the new and full moons. The candles, bath and shower bombs, and bath salts all contain energetic crystals which emerge upon use, to heighten any lunar observance.

Intentional Life

The mindful combination of elegant aromas and thoughtful affirmations come together in this line of unique scent origins designed to accompany humans in need of, in want of, a more contemplative way of life.

The Tarot

Here now, are each of the major Arcana, presented to you from the classic Rider-Waite Tarot and divined by women working together to birth a story from which each of us may divine truly sensual guidance.

Super Magical CBD & Medicinals

Created over an intense period of four years’ research into helping friends with chronic pain and illness, Magic Fairy Candles proprietress, Kim Sorden, birthed this incredibly rich and balanced, Full Spectrum CBD line of products.


Magic Fairy Candles Healthy Living products are specific to the needs of humans in our ever-changing world.

Ritual Boxes

Ritual is a practice. To practice means to perform an activity again and again in order to acquire a skill. For ritual, the skill acquired is awareness.