Well Being Ritual Box


Ritual Boxes include everything for your ritual: a candle, incense, bath bomb, cauldron, white sage, and a Circle of Intent to guide you.


Well Being

The origins of wellbeing are seated in the very human search for contentment. Think of a most recent sensation of contentedness. It arose from where? From what? We feel it and know we cannot grasp and keep it. And so we say this is what we are working towards, though wellbeing is not a destination—it is a way of living. To understand is to open. Our pain and our joy are equally illuminating. Both contain the keys to living a life which embraces wellbeing with a whole heart.

Essential oils of Lavender, Sage, Mint, Basil

May all beings be peaceful
May all beings be happy
May all beings be safe
May all beings be free
May all beings awaken to the
light of their true nature


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