Self Love Ritual Box


Ritual Boxes include everything for your ritual: a candle, incense, bath bomb, cauldron, white sage, and a Circle of Intent to guide you.


Self Love

To wrap yourself in love. To be complete and whole and fulfilled. If one practices living a life of tenderness when it comes to oneself, abundant energetic resources reveal themselves. Remind yourself of the precious- ness of the body you inhabit, the mind you utilize, and the heart you hold dear, by following a way of life which respects and adores the self. It is possible to be whole.

Essential oils of Rose Geranium, Frankincense, Orange

May I be free from harm
May I be safe
May I be free of suffering
May I be happy
May I be healthy and strong
May I be able to live in this world happily,
peacefully, joyfully with ease


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