Relax 8oz Body Spray


Body & Room Spray is a refreshing mist with a dual purpose—it can be spritzed onto the body for a soothing dose of aromatherapy, or sprayed into the air as long-lasting room freshener. The comforting, all-natural formula contains no alcohol, fluorocarbons, or anything else that dry out the skin or harm the air we breathe. 4oz. bottle

Ingredients: vegetable glycerin, witch hazel, distilled water, proprietary blend of organic essential oils

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Oh the luxury of a moment! How to unbutton the heart and mind at once without pretense nor expectation—we must simply unfold. Relaxation’s most grand scent is certainly lavender. The subtle, soft wafting of lavender is light on the mind, easing one into transitions. The natural weight of ylang ylang’s sweetness is the perfect counterbalance in this blend, setting the heart in a space of solid ease, away from the day’s anxieties. Finally, with bright, crisp tangerine, a bountiful joy is unleashed.



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