Rejuvenate CBD Bath Bomb


Notes: Organic essential oils of Orange, Lemongrass, Bergamot, and Grapefruit

Dreaming, visualizing and then allowing
yourself to surrender is magic

Grapefruit combined with lemongrass instantly elevates a mood to lift a spirit up. Tangerine balanced by the warmer notes of bergamot, bridge the emotional and physical aspects of healing into a center place.


Bath Bombs let you soak the stress away! These luxury bath tablets are handcrafted using French mineral salts, almond oil, and white clay. Just dissolve one in your warm bathwater to soothe sore muscles, detoxify the body, and leave you and your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and relaxed. 4 oz.

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch, citric acid, European mineral salt, white clay, vitamin rich oil, witch hazel, essential oil

Bath Bomb has 75 mg of Full Spectrum CBD per bomb.


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