Phases of the Moon Ritual Box


Our Phases of the Moon Ritual Box includes:

• New Moon Salt Soak with Quartz
• Full Moon Bath Bomb
• White Sage | Selenite Stone | Lavender Bundle
• New Moon Soy Candle
• Full Moon Soy Candle
• Iron Cauldron
• A Selection of Ritual Incense
• Phases of the Moon Ritual Booklet – Download Free PDF

How does one become more aware? Begin by lifting your chin. Raise your eyes to the night sky and see. There is a cycle aligned with the tides and seasons and the body.
The moon—she offers up her energy through both her radiance and her shadow. How one begins is simply by noticing. Perhaps your ritual is to quietly nod to the changing skies. Perhaps you wish to go deeper, to truly encounter the fullness of the moon.
Begin where you are. She will meet you there.


Ritual is a practice. To practice means to perform an activity again and again in order to acquire a skill. For ritual, the skill acquired is awareness.

What does this give us? We become very present, perhaps more calm, clear about our desires and needs, more able to provide just the right kind of help to others, and more capable of identifying and fulfilling our purpose on this earth.

We wanted to make ritual clear and simple, while at the same time, giving you everything you need to begin. Hence, you may choose any one of these boxes and you will have the necessary items to prepare your body, your space, your heart. You will have concise instruction for casting a circle and performing a ritual, along with encouragement for making the practice your own.

Most importantly, you will be given a pathway into a practice which will nurture self awareness. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to come know our own hearts.


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