Patchouli Orange Clove 6oz Candles


Body Massage Candles are hand-poured, aromatherapy candles that burn at only 3 degrees above body temperature. The resulting oil—warm, but never uncomfortably hot—can then be used as a body massage oil or moisturizer to enhance the health and texture of your skin. All of our candles contain soybeans, which are a rich source of protein, vitamins, and antioxidants. Soy is very hydrating for dry, cracked hands and feet, and the oil never feels sticky or waxy. Best of all, it feels and smells great! 6 oz.

Ingredients: Soy wax, proprietary blend of cosmetic grade fragrance oil and/or essential oil, and a cotton wick


Just how or why the marriage of spicy and sweet works for most has to do with the tongue. Where this amazing organ tastes these two flavors is key. But the nose sits above the mouth and allows this flavor combination to dance with one another inside the olfactory dance hall. Peppery, grounding, patchouli is a scent which deepens over time. Clove’s spice is unique, antiseptic, and full of sustaining heat. Here we add the full body of gorgeous, sweet orange to ignite the air for the unique and beguiling dance.