Magical Tools Ritual Box


Our Magical Tools Ritual Box includes:

• Magical Herbs with Mica
• Mortar & Pestle
• Road Opener Bath Bomb
• Palo Santo | Selenite | Cedar Bundle
• Tarot Soy Candle
• Rose of Jericho
• Sigil Art Card
• Magical Tools Ritual Booklet

Do not wait. Begin your practice now! This potent collection of tools places the power of ritual into your open hands. Cast from our Earth’s iron ore, the mortar & pestle is an historically essential tool which can be used immediately with the enclosed herbs to set an intention & charge your candle. A Rose of Jericho resurrection plant opens as you provide water, which after soaking in the plant’s roots can be used for blessings. The enclosed Tarot candle is divined for you at the time of shipment as we prepare your box. Consider it a single card spread from which you may intuit guidance through self awareness. Prepare for ritual with the vibrant aromas of the Road Opener bath bomb while enjoying the sweetness of Palo Santo’s rich fragrance as it smolders. You’ll also enjoy powerfully intuitive energy via a selenite stone, as well as the knowledge of Sigil creation & practices. Each tool & each step of ritual practice is clearly explained in your ritual booklet. It’s time to begin!


Cotton satchel containing the dried leaves of abre camino and palo santo; dried flowers of jasmine, calendula, and chamomile; dried petals of rose and cornflower; dried and grated High John the Conquerer root; cross roads dust and mica; all potently charged by a multitude of crystals. This super magical blend is used in the making of our ritual candles. Grind it with your mortar and pestle, perhaps adding additional dried herbs or flowers from your own garden. Sprinkle over your candle as part of your intention and charging ritual. Not for internal use—so please do not ingest!

Cast from our Earth’s iron ore, this is an historically essential tool for ritual practice. Fireproof and sturdy, utilize its solid structure for rites which require you grind, mix, burn, or contain. Be sure to place it upon a fireproof surface when using it to burn resin or incense. Its exterior may heat up, so do take care to let it cool before handling or cleaning. Wash between uses with warm, soapy water, and be sure to dry well to prevent rust.

The expectations of a life as it unfolds are often based on what we have witnessed of those who have gone before us. But to align our path with that of another’s is to close the door on our own unique possibilities. For the true beauty of a life to rise to the surface, we must be willing to thrust ourselves time and again into a pristine, new experience. Once the heart is flung forward, we garner the courage to take hold of what’s meant to be ours. Made with organic ingredients and a crystal charged under the full moon, dissolve in warm bathwater to relax and prepare the body for any ritual practice. Take care to remove the crystal from the bath before draining.

Palo santo cleanses and fortifies the human spirit. When burned, it invites the presence of ancestral energy. A satin spar of selenite has the power to focus one’s intuitive faculties. Because it is self-cleansing, selenite is an indispensable tool for any practitioner. It also clears all other stones and crystals by its continual vibration of divine light. Cedar, revered as one of the most sacred ceremonial herbs, has long been used as a means of protection and healing. Place selenite among altar items to purify them; use it within your circle while burning palo santo and cedar to bask in the protection of ancestral energy; or, place selenite bedside to encourage intuitive dreaming.

Divination is a tool by which one focuses awareness. We practice first by being open to receive. Next we pay attention to what rises to meet us. Finally, we surrender to a natural flow of universal energy which is always available to guide us. Your enclosed Tarot candle has been divined for you in this manner. Consider it a single card spread from which you may intuit guidance through self awareness. After you clean and clear your sacred space, cast a circle, then light your candle at the center. You may wish to recite the meditation provided inside your Tarot candle’s diminutive card as part of your ritual, or simply refer to it daily as a means to grow your awareness practice.

Both the words action and talisman are associated with the word sigil via the Hebrew word segula (סגולה0). Additionally, sigil’s Latin word origin is sigillum, meaning seal. That’s a pretty powerful combination—action, talisman, seal. The practice of creating and using sigils spans all eras, even ours. Look at modern products and companies. Utilizing letters and shapes to manifest a particular goal or desire via a seal, or logo is a proven method. Enclosed is a very specific sigil based on the letters in the word gratitude. Eternally practiced to ease the heart and deepen essential human connection, place this seal of gratitude where you will notice it throughout the day. Gradually, you may find it evokes tender sensations of gratitude in both your mind and heart.

Simple and straightforward ritual affirmations are provided for casting your circle and performing rituals. Some contain questions which you can ask yourself as a means of opening the heart to explore fresh awareness. Others introduce activities for ritual celebration or meditation. Over time, you may develop or add your own words and rites to personalize this practice. In fact, the more you can add from your own experience, the more powerful the ritual becomes.


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