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Litha | Summer Solstice Ritual Box


  • Magical Wishing Herbs with Mica
  • Himalayan Salt
  • Summer Bath Bomb
  • Mugwort & Roses Smudge Bundle
  • Summer Solstice | Litha Soy Candle
  • Summer Solstice Art Card
  • Shell Artifact
  • Incense
  • Litha | Summer Solstice Ritual Booklet – Download Free PDF

Sweet summer is upon us. Thank goodness! Make ready for warm days & nights with the magical influences & inspiration of some super-shimmery magical herbs, & a ritual to help you embody your deepest wishes. Luxuriously revitalize your skin with the vibrancy of a Summer bath bomb while enjoying the heady summer oils of basil, petitgrain, & vetiver blended into your Summer Solstice candle. A mystical mugwort smudge threads a bit of magic into your evenings. With a history of Litha, guidance for creating a special altar for your celebration, & clear explanations of each tool & ritual practice, the Litha ritual booklet completes this box, placing the power of ritual in your open hands.

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Somehow the body knows the star of our Earth is necessary nourishment. The year begins and we get more and more light right up to the pinnacle of our year—the Summer Solstice. It truly is the longest day. We shall not waste it!

Basil, Petitgrain, & Vetiver.

When your year’s pinnacle reveals itself, how shall you glisten?

Litha or the Summer Solstice is celebrated on June 21st. Rituals center around honoring all things related to the sun, fire, and summer’s bliss. Outdoor events of all kinds include picnics, bonfires, making daisy chains and flower crowns, floating candles in boats upon bodies of water, and constructing protective amulets from natural found objects.