Lavender Sage Mint 8oz Body Spray


Body & Room Spray is a refreshing mist with a dual purpose—it can be spritzed onto the body for a soothing dose of aromatherapy, or sprayed into the air as long-lasting room freshener. The comforting, all-natural formula contains no alcohol, fluorocarbons, or anything else that dry out the skin or harm the air we breathe. 4oz. bottle

Ingredients: vegetable glycerin, witch hazel, distilled water, proprietary blend of organic essential oils


Walk a garden path at dusk on a late summer night. The herbs of summer are at their peak, the oil of their leaves giving off a steady, soft thread of heady night air. Lavender in all its gentleness lulls the muscles into an unclenching which soothes. Sage, from the Latin salvere, meaning, to be saved, in it’s clarity, can salvage sanity in any hectic day. And steady, fresh mint is most valuable in how it refreshes continually. Turn over the last of this day’s thoughts to the garden. Walk a bit longer and let go.


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