Lavender 16oz Bath Salt


Bath Salts: Steal away for a moment. Immerse and float your entire body amongst waters infused with the beneficial minerals and trace elements found naturally in French Dead Sea salts. We’ve blended this valuable salt with soothing essential oils and delightful botanicals whose scents emerge fully as soon as they plunge into sultry bathwater. This treasure of minerals help support healthy skin and promote muscular ease. Dissolve one to two ounces as the bath fills; swoosh to distribute. Soak, breathe, enjoy. 16 oz.


To come across a large stand of lavender in full bloom, to see the pale violet whorls held up on stems which rise above the silvery foliage, to hear the deepening buzz of honeybees moving between the flowerets—all of it, a dreamy lull on even the most sunny of days. But then to breathe the breath of lavender as it floats its way up to the nose—Ahhhh…. Yes, you know it. There’s nothing else like it. At once soft, faintly flowery, fresh, and soothing. Lavender beckons we bring ourselves to recline the days and nights away.


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