Lammas | First Harvest Ritual Box

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  • New Moon | Intention Body Scrub
  • Essential | Lammas 8.5oz Soy Body Candle
  • Crystal Pendulum
  • Pendulum Divination Card
  • Wooden Herb Grinder
  • A Selection of Ritual Incense
  • Lammas | First Harvest Ritual Booklet

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Our labors in life produce more life. Not one thing exists alone. Each is essential.

From the Latin word essentia, meaning essence, every human, creature, stone, plant, grain of wheat, possesses an intrinsic nature which is essential to the whole of life. It is with this knowledge that we honor and celebrate Lammas.

Lavender, Patchouli, & Lemongrass.

With a bounty of life’s nourishments before you, how shall you honor the essential?

Lammas is celebrated on August 2nd. Rituals include observing the fruits of our labors via reflection upon the year’s work thus far, bread making, harvesting herbs, fruits, and vegetables from the garden, feasting, and honoring sacrifices others have made on our behalf.