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Lammas | Essential Ritual Box


  • New Moon | Intention Goat’s Milk Soap
  • Lammas | Essential Bath Bomb
  • Lammas | Essential Soy Candle
  • Crystal Pendulum
  • Pendulum Divination Card
  • First Harvest Art Card
  • A Selection of Ritual Incense
  • Lammas | Essential Ritual Booklet

With the knowledge of essential connections and the labors which sustain us, we honor & celebrate Lammas. Begin your self care with a soothing lather & soak to quench summer skin. Relax by the light of your candle & divine answers to urgent questions with your pendulum & card. With a history of Lammas, guidance for creating a special altar for your celebration, details for drying herbs & baking bread, & clear explanations of each tool & ritual practice, the Lammas ritual booklet completes this box, placing the power of ritual in your open hands.




Lavender, Patchouli, & Lemongrass.

With a bounty of life’s nourishments before you, how shall you honor the essential?

Lammas is celebrated on August 2nd. Rituals include observing the fruits of our labors via reflection upon the year’s work thus far, bread making, harvesting herbs, fruits, and vegetables from the garden, feasting, and honoring sacrifices others have made on our behalf.