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Imbolc | Potential Ritual Box


The Imbolc | Potential Ritual Box contains:

• Potential Bath Bomb
• Road Opener Goat’s Milk Soap
• Sage | Selenite | Palo Santo Bundle
• Garnet Stone Bracelet | Brass Bell
• Potential | Imbolc Soy Candle
• Imbolc Body Oil
• Imbolc Tea & Chocolate
• Amethyst Stone
• Imbolc | Potential Ritual Booklet

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This steady rise of a new year’s unharnessed energy can quickly become uncontrollable chaos. But oh the potential! Take a close look at that word: Inside potential exists all which is potent—from the Latin potentia, meaning power.

Eucalyptus, Basil, & Mint.

How shall you emerge in the light of a new, young sun?

Imbolc or Candlemas generally falls on February 1st, or the the first cross-quarter day following Midwinter. Rituals include the lighting of every candle or lamp at sunset, wearing a crown of lit candles, creating a table display honoring fertility with fresh greens, flowers, seeds and symbols of animals which begin to conceive at the beginning of a new agricultural year, as well as freshly cleaning the home.