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Beltane | Begin Anew Ritual Box


• Begin Anew Bath Bomb
• Fiery Beltane Body Oil
• Blue Sage | Sap Wood | Juniper Firestarter
• Begin Anew | Beltane Soy Candle
• Phoenix Rising Altar Artifact
• Jasper Stone & Brass Bell
• Handmade Beltane Incense
• Beltane | Begin Anew Ritual Booklet


Begin Anew

To remember to love what we love and why we love is at the very center of a life’s exuberant spirit. We are meant to be animated, passionate, and deeply kind. With each fulfilling new joy we get to say yes once more.

Lemongrass, Rosemary, & Peppermint

When pleasure arises, how shall you claim your exuberance?

Beltane’s celebration begins at moonrise on May Day Eve, or April 30th. Rituals include handfastings or marriages, symbolic cleansing via fire (either by leaping over a Beltane fire or passing between two fires), and renewal of unifying commitments in love, life, and work.