Banishing Bundle


• Thistle
• Mugwort Smudge
• Nail
• Abre Camino Leaf
• Rose
• Protection Eye
• Ritual Booklet of detailed information for each item with pages of guidance specific to this bundle’s intentions

There are times when things just don’t feel right. Maybe you’ve had an experience which disturbed or rubbed you the wrong way. Negative experiences and energy can be transmuted—changed into lighter, more positive energy. You have the power to transform these experiences and sensations for yourself, your home, and the beloved humans in your care by performing a ritual banishing spell. A special incantation is included in this booklet as a place to begin.

Your Banishing Bundle contents are unique to this particular bundle, curated to uphold transmuting ritual work. Their individual uses have been outlined on the facing page. Likewise, you may keep your bundle intact for potent spell work. Through your own research, you may discover many more uses and rituals for which your bundle contents will be immensely helpful.

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