Woodland 6oz Candle


Body Massage Candles are hand-poured, aromatherapy candles that burn at only 3 degrees above body temperature. The resulting oil—warm, but never uncomfortably hot—can then be used as a body massage oil or moisturizer to enhance the health and texture of your skin. All of our candles contain soybeans, which are a rich source of protein, vitamins, and antioxidants. Soy is very hydrating for dry, cracked hands and feet, and the oil never feels sticky or waxy. Best of all, it feels and smells great! 6 oz.

Ingredients: Soy wax, proprietary blend of organic essential oils, and a cotton wick


Ageless, deepening complexity.

Oh the complexities of oud! At first, the wood of this exotic tree is odorless when healthy. Once a certain mold takes up residence in the heartwood, a multi-layered aromatic resin results. With all layers taken together, it is at once musky, woodsy, earthy, and floral, with deepening complexity as time goes by. To be precise, it is a luxury. Mentions of oud wood’s exquisite essential oil can be found in some of the world’s oldest written texts. We present it to you with a hint of clarifying vetiver. Let the lovely, balancing aroma of oud carry you back through the ages to a most transcendent time.