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It’s difficult to describe what it means to have permission. Is is something one possesses? Or is it something one gives? Do we need to grant ourselves permission? Or do we always have it? It is easy to set aside desire while we wait for someone to say “Yes, you can have that.” Instead, we can take hold of what’s needed by deeply engaging within our bodies the natural release of our own permission. You are your own guide. In a partnership, you are guides to one another. In this way we can help each other find and receive essential acceptance.

Notes: Organic essential oils of Orange, Lemongrass, Cedar, Ginger. Organic botanicals of Jasmine Flowers, Rosemary, Hibiscus. Magical properties of Cedar Chips.

Bright, clear, and distinct. There is no question that orange, lemongrass, cedar, and ginger are each potent oils on their own. Bring them together and what you have is an unmistakable scent which transmits a singular message—Yes, Yes, Yes!

My life requires
no consent
To breathe I inhale
To exist I walk
out into the day

Every allowance
is already bestowed
May I claim this life
as mine and live it
Granting my own heart
every single permission

permission can take you anywhere