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Notes: Organic essential oils of Cedar, Rose Geranium, Grapefruit. Organic botanicals of Dandelion Leaf, Comfrey, and Hibiscus. Magical properties of Cedar Chips.

We can provoke change in this world and continue to support our own vital energies. The key is to be anchored and focused. This is accomplished not through force, but instead through a type of surrender. We become like the center of a wheel, very still and aware, as all else spins around us. From this place we can reach out to gently touch upon specific things, creating reactions which continue to trigger ever more change over time.

Known long ago as the Tree of Life, cedar is both warming and pungent, protective and restorative. Supported by the balancing softness of rose geranium and lively crispness of grapefruit, there is a definitive spark of change in the air when these aromas come together beneath the flame.

From a place of strength
my vital force holds steady
With fortitude my actions
can remake a world

Ignite in me an altering light
Blaze my path of renewal
with kindness and power
Deliver me to my most vibrant life

light a fire under all of it