Full Moon

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How have you absorbed this life? We walk through a day and carry ourselves about in a body which senses—everything. This is how minds adhere to clutter, how hearts grow heavy, how burdens come to be.

Thus there are cycles born of our human whirs, and seasons in the storm of this life as it plays out. How the moon brightens each month is a way in which we may illuminate a new path. Suddenly a pristine experience is made ready for our next, new phase.

Lavender in all its gentleness is lovingly folded into steadfast, liberating sage. Two scents commingle and arise from a unique flame which burns side by side with an energetic stone, amplifying all the benefits of a practice which releases.

We become cleansed and cleared under the full moon’s illuminations. We are delivered fresh upon a new day.

Go forth brightly unbound.