Phases of the Moon

How does one become more aware? Begin by lifting your chin. Raise your eyes to the night sky and see. There is a cycle aligned with the tides and seasons and the body. The moon—it offers up its energy through both its radiance and its shadow. How one begins is simply by noticing. Perhaps your ritual is to quietly nod to the changing skies. Perhaps you wish to go deeper. To truly encounter the monthly phases of the moon, we here at Magic Fairy Candles, have dedicated myriad days to the task of honoring the waxing and waning of the moon.

Redolent of the profound cycles of the moon, these utterly unique scents are crafted and charged under the new and full moons. The candles, bath bombs, and bath salts all contain energetic crystals which emerge upon use, to heighten any lunar observance.

All our candles are hand-poured, soy body candles. When lit, they create a soy wax pool just three degrees above body temperature which can be massaged into the skin to soothe and moisturize without ever feeling sticky. Made with GMM-free soy wax, they are a pure source of Omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants which essentially become skin food when used in this manner. Because it’s plant-derived, soy wax is a natural carrier for organic essential oils, allowing their scents to effuse fully into the air and last at length upon the skin.

Our candle vessels are constructed of a superior grade, thick and weighty glass which protects the ingredients within while providing a lovely glow as the candle burns. Each 8.5oz vessel comes with a sustainable bamboo lid. Once the candle is completely burned, wash the glass clean with warm soapy water, dry and reuse or recycle.