October 2020 Tarotscope

My work as a Firekeeper continues as I bring myself back into my magic and purpose. I’ve been busy in the studio making products with intentions that are brimming with love. My life mission to help people return to the truth: that love is all there is and all there will ever be. The rest is simply an illusion. In that spirit, I’m handing the Tarotscopes over to Jacqueline of @TotemsandTarot from here on out. The more we honor our soul sisters and brothers, the more we honor ourselves.

I love you,


The magic continues. As we embark upon my favorite month of the year I’m in awe of the collective awakening of our planet. Lightworkers from all across the globe are being activated and pulled into their truth. The cards reflect that sentiment this month. Whether you are a Reiki Master or a Lawyer or a Trash Collector, you are a perfect child of the universe. Made of stardust, you carry with you the secrets and wisdom of your ancestors. Listen closely in the coming weeks. The Guides have so many incredible things to share with us as we continue to wake up from the dream and enter a new reality. The Age of Aquarius has begun.


Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 20) – The Emperor
All hail Capricorn! You step into your power this month in more ways than one. Saturn, which rules our life lesson and purpose just went direct in your sign. In other words, your manifesting magic is about to go into overdrive. The Emperor, the embodiment of the divine masculine showed up for this month for you as well. Masculine energy is direct, pragmatic and strong. None of this is by accident dear Cap. You’ve been climbing that mountain for decades. THIS is the month you start to see it click together. Because now your work is divinely aligned with your awakening. #goosebumps I asked Source if they had any guidance this month and they offered a warning: Keep humility at the forefront. In that space Goddess is found and so many lives are saved. 

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19) – Temperance
I understand the meaning behind this beautiful card of the Major Arcana. It signifies a gentle grace, sweet slow surrender and a step into the NOW. However, I’m also fascinated by etymology. Temperance is defined as “abstinence from alcoholic drink.” Hmmmm. A message from those above…or below? I have over eight years of sobriety now. It’s been a powerful journey and I’m here for you if you need me (seriously I want to hear from you). However, for all you normies, perhaps this directive is a just thoughtful reprieve from the “spirits.” Alcohol opens up your auric field to let things in and they aren’t always friendly visitors. What could you do this month instead to offer release? How else could you fill your cup?

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20) – The Magician
Does your heart ache Pisces? You find yourself longing for days of yore. I offer my deepest condolences, but the days of dead promises and rat race living is over. Allow yourself to grieve. Not for what it looked like, but for the simple comfort it offered. I’m not sure if you like surprises, but expect to be shocked this month. Change is tough, but what if I told you around each corner was a divinely planted gift, wrapped perfectly with intention from pink, golden, angel energy. The things that come your way will be “too good to believe,” however mind your words! It’s good to believe. Believe that every day, that miracles are possible and hope is just a hug away. This month your only job is to watch the magic unfold and if ever offered the opportunity, land that profound wizardry in reality.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) – The Lovers
Damn Aries! The Lovers two months in a row?! What’s going on over there? I suspect a dynamic inner shift is happening that leaves you with that fresh glow. Or perhaps it’s the intimate relationship you’ve formed with the wholeness of your soul. You’re learning to embrace those fine lines, the space you take up in the world and the echo of your laugh. The perfect imperfectness of it all has you giggling right now! Oh to be madly, profoundly and deeply in love with self. Such bliss. Not there yet? Perhaps a time for a serious sit down with the negative voices in your head: “Hey bullshit, we need to talk. These false beliefs are lame and I’m not buying it anymore. It is you. Not me. For I am divinely inspired and I have important things to do in this world.” Put that affirmation on repeat. You’re ready for a new paradigm.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) – The Empress
Taurus, have I told you how beautiful you are lately? I love how you show up in the world. It’s raw, poetic, fierce and free. It’s not always easy being this honest. It’s an emotional sobriety masterclass when we move into a space of not only being honest with others, but being honest with the darkest parts of our being. I love that I pulled The Empress for you. It’s a loving reminder that the shadow side is a place only to be visited occasionally. When you pick the ripe lessons from the trees of inner knowing, bring them back with you as a savory snack of awareness. They are not something to be choked on as you try to shove them down with shame. Instead, think of them as tiny glimmers of illumination to guide you through the darkness. Journaling will help you organize your thoughts this month.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 21) – The Hanged Man
My favorite part of The Hanged Man (or Hanged Woman) is the tiny, little, secret grin. You aren’t stuck up there, you can simply untangle yourself and jump free. Are you slamming into a massive wall that just won’t budge? Maybe it’s simply about unlocking the door. This month tap into the energetics of the world around you. If everything slows down to a hard stop, perhaps it’s not trying to bang the door down, but finding a new way around it. What loopholes will you discover in the rigidity of one track thinking? How can you play with the idea that nothing is quite as it seems? This month I encourage you to question everything. Perhaps, the most burning inquiry is one worth mentioning: who are you? And who do you think you are?

Cancer (Jun 22-July 23) – The Chariot
Cancer, do you ever dream of getting in your car and driving aimlessly into the sunset?  Not your norm as you are the ultimate homebody of the Zodiac, however this month you’ll crave an opportunity to be wild and free. Just like the horse that pulls The Chariot, you don’t have to move a mile a minute to feel the proverbial wind in your hair. Choose to do things this month that are not tied to any type of obligation. What does that look like in this work-focused world? Believe it or not there is a ton of freedom in the most restful places. The preconceived notion that we do our best work while in the thick of things is a lie. Bored and Brilliant was an NYC public radio station initiative a few years back that offered the well-researched theory that creativity runs rampant in the blank spaces. Perhaps time to shut off your phone?

Leo (Jul 24 – Aug 23) – The Tower
Well, well Leo. You’ve escaped the wrath of the Tower thus far, but it was only a matter of time. If there was ever a card that could depict all of 2020, well this is it. The Tower signifies sudden upheaval and change. While this card can often be quite ominous, it’s nothing to fear. It’s simply the universe doing for you what you cannot do for yourself. They’ve given you soft, subtle signs that it’s time to change your ways, but unfortunately you weren’t listening. The Tower is always a wake up call. What rose colored glasses have you been wearing? Sometimes a shocking new trajectory isn’t about a big move or new career path. Often it’s a psychic shift where you’ve peeled back another layer to reveal a hard truth. I find these things don’t reveal themselves until you’re ready. And Leo, you are primed for this moment. Let me hear that lion’s roar!

Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 22) – The Hierophant
My sun sign might be Capricorn, but I have five planets in Virgo. I relate to your sensibilities all too well my friend! There is peace found in a bullet point list and a newly organized closet. However we often benefit from those around us who ruffle our feathers and make a mess out of things. Who has been driving you nuts lately? Say hello to The Hierophant, the ultimate teacher. It’s easy to put our self-awareness into practice around those who operate in the same positive vibrational vortex. However, the true challenge appears when we are forced to place these principles into good use with someone who is truly sick and suffering. I really love the expression “Hurt people hurt people.” Just tap into that mantra the next time someone flicks you off in traffic. Many of us are hurting right now as we watch the things we normally cling to crumble like stardust. Let compassion be your guide.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) – The World
How fun Libra! As you celebrate, or just celebrated your birthday, The World makes the perfect gift. This card represents a cycle of completion. I find that it’s always good to do an annual check-in around the new year, but birthdays lend to this practice as well. It’s an excellent time for some quiet reflection. How have you grown? What caused you pain? Were those pain points out of your control or of your own making? What hopes and dreams do you have for the year ahead? What new things will you learn? How will you show up in service to others? You have such an enormous heart and a thoughtful nature. As you close one chapter to begin another, take a moment of pause. Before you move onto the next, recognize your brilliance in all its glory. The World appears only when the angels want to offer a round of applause. Don’t forget to take a bow.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 22) – The Sun
I’m proud of you Scorpio. No, really, I am! You are on the right track as confirmed by the voices of the Tarot. With last month’s pull of the World and this month’s pull of The Sun, I encourage you to do something you struggle with most: step out into the sunlight. You are excellent at self-appraisal and I appreciate your enthusiasm to go deep. However, this month it’s about taking a lighter look at life. I encourage you to tap into your senses: sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch. These tactile experiences pull you into the present moment and offer you a place to play. When your mind goes back to some of the heavy lifting, remind it that you’re on vacation. Sit outside and crunch down on an apple. Wrap yourself in your favorite blanket with a warm cup of tea. Perhaps go old school: take a maple leaf, put a piece of paper on top of it and crayon away to reveal the magic. Source is asking you to tap into the touchpoints of joy.

Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 20) – The Moon
I gave a woman a reading recently and she became scared when The Moon appeared. I assuaged her fears when I assured her that this card is not necessarily an ominous omen. In fact, this is the magical place in the Major Arcana where we find our deepest inspirations. Sure you need to step out into the dark, but when you let go of fear it becomes an exciting adventure. And Sag, we all know you are always up for an interesting rendezvous. I also find it fascinating that The Moon is the ruler of the divine feminine. Feminine energy is about allowing, receiving, being, creating and nurturing. She lives in the present and soaks in the beauty of what sits before her rather than clouds her mind with what’s five steps ahead. There is so much freedom for creation in this space which is a great time to remind yourself that you are the Creator of your own destiny. What will you manifest next?

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