November 2020 Tarotscope

Hello Beautiful Humans,

The tarotscope comes a few days late this November as the frenetic and chaotic energies swirling about have interrupted my ability to ground and channel considerably. I want to ensure when I sit down to write anything tarot related that it’s coming from the highest source. This morning I made myself a cup of coffee, gave thanks to our ancestors and asked them to offer us clear guidance and direction. They did not disappoint!

I hope these tarotscopes resonate with you. Remember not to just read for your sun sign (how you present yourself to the world), but for your moon (your soul’s longing) and your rising sign (what drives you). If you’d like a more personal reading, I offer one-on-one online sessions on Friday nights. 


Much love,

Jacqueline Stone
Totems and Tarot

Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 20) – The World
Capricorn you’d don’t get enough credit for your strength, or your sense of humor for that matter. Often described as extremely serious and a bit of a party pooper, nothing could be further than the truth. Your efforts have not only been recognized by the Gods, but by those around you this month. You’ve been the lighthouse in the storm to many during these crazy times. You’ve never been afraid of a challenge and have faced all the twists and turns of this new reality with ease and grace. You’ve even dived deep and done some of the hardest work with your shadow. This month the Guides are wrapping you in their warm embrace as you complete another cycle. They only want you to know you are loved. I highly recommend putting together a ‘God Box’ (Please don’t get too caught up in the terms, I use them to express concepts none of us could truly put down on paper). Use this box to communicate to the Creative Intelligence, Collective Unconscious or Divine Spirit every day. Here’s how it works: Take an old shoe box, decorate it with poems, prayers or anything else that gives you solace. Crazy glue the top of the box so it can no longer be opened and cut a slit in the top. It’s now like a spiritual piggy bank that can never be opened. Write letters to your Highest Source every day this month. Offer gratitude and ask for guidance. It will help you connect to the deepest wisdom that lives inside your soul. The akashic records that keep all of us bound in love and light.

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19) – The High Priestess
Oh wow Aquarius! The Guides no longer want me to do the talking. They want to talk directly to you! Are you ready to open yourself up to receive? Many believe, myself included, that we are all born with psychic abilities. Unfortunately, they are beaten out of us by societal constraints and rules of law. We’ve all collectively agreed to a much harsher reality than what the Supreme Goddess had in mind. I encourage you to tap back into this profound knowledge. Psychic abilities simply mean that you are adept at connecting with the unseen. The fact that you are reading your Tarotscope already indicates your understanding that there is much more to the naked eye. That is my only problem with scientists poking fun at our belief system. While science offers a divine opportunity to explore our natural surroundings and the workings of our universe, I find it too quickly dismisses the qualitative data. Some things can never be measured. Einstein even seemed to understand this truth, “The further the spiritual evolution of mankind advances, the more certain it seems to me that the path to genuine religiosity does not lie through the fear of life, and the fear of death, and blind faith, but through striving after rational knowledge.” He gave credit to our quest and recognized its significance. What will you do to hone your gifts this month? Perhaps an online workshop is worth investigating.

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20) – The Moon
Those dreams you have Pisces? I want you to dream bigger. The ultimate daydreamer, your creative energies swirl with the chaotic pulse of the divine feminine. You often are asked to “snap out of it” or “come back down to earth.” The pull of the Moon this month asks you to do exactly the opposite. Go and play in the dark depths of your mind and dance naked amongst the moonlight. Get wild, get crazy and let the inner child come out to play. Not sure where to start? I highly recommend an experiment with splatter paint. A great outdoor activity, throw a tarp on the ground. Grab the canvas of your choice. Now grab paints (acrylic is probably the best bet for this exercise). Find some old paint brushes and go to town. Hell, use your hands if the mood strikes you! Throw colors upon colors, make silly shapes, flick paint with your toothbrush, use found objects to make imprints and just get back into that 4-year-old vibe. Remember when making a mess was fun? Yup, that’s right. You’re back in school, this time it’s spiritual kindergarten. Sometimes you need to try to unlearn everything you know and question everything to begin again. Never underestimate the healing ability of some serious play.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19) – The Hierophant
Uh oh Aries. Here you were floating along, falling in love with yourself all over again and boom, just like that, another lesson hits you in the face. That’s the roller coaster of life and how it always will be. The 2020 ride is simply the extreme where you are asked to sign ten waivers and must be “this tall.” These trials and tribulations that have gone into overdrive have illuminated the powerful ram that lives within. Did you know that the bighorn sheep only needs two inches to get a foothold? You can do so much with only a little bit of resources. Take this innate ability to help you navigate whatever challenge arises next. The Hierophant indicates another lesson is to be learned, however you aren’t to do this solo. Although you have the tools to surmount any obstacle all by yourself, that’s besides the point. Part of the lesson this month is learning how to humble yourself and reach out to others for help. Easier said than done, especially as you crave the position of power. Put someone else in the driver’s seat and become willing to study under their tutelage. Catch yourself before you say “That’s not how you do this!” Um, that’s exactly how THEY do it. Before you jump to conclusions and assume you’re the only one doing things the right way, step back and observe with curiosity. Even if your teacher’s method is lackluster, you still have learned something new. You’ll have learned how important it is to understand than to be understood.

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) – The Devil
The other day I was in my car when “Oh Devil” by Electric Guest hit the radio. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the music video but it’s a fairly simple portrayal of right and wrong. If only life was that simple! It seems as though you’ve been obsessing over an issue that doesn’t have a clear answer. It’s left you feeling paralyzed in fear. Think of all the energy you expend every time you ponder your quandary. What would your life look like if you took all that time and energy and applied it to something that makes you happy? Next time you catch yourself spinning out over an issue, set a timer. Maybe even go buy a silly kitchen timer on Amazon. Set the timer for 5 minutes. Let yourself stress, cry, journal or scream. When the buzzer goes off, put down the pity party and pick up some productive actions. There is actually very little in this world that we can control. However, we can always control our perspective. What could you do this month to soothe your soul? I find that when I’m in distress it’s always good for me to call a friend and ask how they are doing. I do my best to keep bringing the conversation back to them and ask them a million questions! Experiment with being an active listener this month (PSA: That doesn’t mean becoming an active advice giver). Take away distractions and really dial into what the person is saying. It’ll clear your mind and help you shift that perspective ever so slightly. For the saying has never been more true, “If we all threw our problems into a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.”

Gemini (May 21-Jun 21) – The Hanged Man
Feeling stuck Gemini? In a pandemic rut? Aren’t we all! The Hanged Man asks us to look at our current circumstances from another vantage point. Do you remember being a kid lying down on the floor looking up at the ceiling? I don’t know about you, but I used to love to do that and pretend I could walk up there. It was a whole new world. Maybe that’s a good start! Break out the yoga mat and simply lie down. What do you see? When’s the last you checked in with your body? Your breathing? Wiggle your toes and have gratitude for your feet that offer you transport. Open and close your hands and give thanks to the myriad of tasks accomplished with these miraculous appendages. Witness the rise and fall of your chest without any effort made on your part. We so quickly forget about the miracle of life when life as we knew it gets a bit messy. Things might feel upside down, but are they? Stop creating mental roadblocks that prevent you from living up to your true potential. Goddess has shown up and done her part. My goodness is she rocking the boat! She’s shaking up the patriarchy and helping faulty ideologies crumble to the ground. Stop hanging onto the “ways things were.” Start hanging onto the fact that you have an opportunity to begin anew and set your feet down any path of your choosing. As a kid we truly believed that anything was possible. Where did that belief go?

Cancer (Jun 22-July 23) – The Hermit
Sweet, thoughtful Cancer! You are such a bleeding heart and I mean that in the kindest way possible. You are always going the extra length for your friends and family. Your role in our universe is simply to love, and trust me people are picking up what you’re putting down. How about you?! When was the last time you participated in self-love? What are you doing to fill your spiritual and emotional cup? The Hermit asks us to create a cozy space of solitude. I know this won’t be hard for you as you are the Zodiac sign that rules the home. What type of attention and nurture could you offer yourself in this space? A good book? A hot bath? When was the last time you slowed down to participate in ritual or routine that brought you comfort? We often get so caught up in the humdrum of life that ‘busy’ becomes our modus operandi. Right now as we collectively experience “the great pause” you haven’t really slowed down much at all. Hmmmm. Why do you think that is? The universe has created some major roadblocks this year to put us all in a metaphysical “time out.” Have they not said it loud enough? This month really surrender to what’s happening all around you and do your best to slow down. I hate to break it to you, but ‘busy’ isn’t going to solve anything.

Leo (Jul 24 – Aug 23) – The Chariot
Oh Leo, it’s been a hell of year and I’m so happy for you to be charging ahead on your Chariot. It’s an indicator of success, even though you’ve been up against the odds. The road has been full of potholes and detours, but you’ve somehow managed to navigate them all. This card has extremely powerful and expansive energy which indicates that your journey is far from over, in fact you may have just begun. However, this card in the major arcana offers us a little bit of respite before we begin again. It can sometimes indicate that not all those who surround you are applauding your success. Recently many have faced some incredible hardships, perhaps you can relate. Many have used these insurmountable difficulties as an excuse to immerse themselves in self-pity. Not much accomplished in that space! You instead have used this to motivate yourself into a new arena of thinking or action which has led to a fairly successful outcome. Others could be jealous of your success, but would never admit to it. It almost creates the defeatist mentality. “Here I am over here struggling while Leo just seems to have it all figured out.” If you pick up on these energies don’t get defensive, instead get inquisitive. How could you reach back to lift others up? What are some ways in which you can restore hope and heroics to those you love? What practical and solid advice do you have to offer (if asked) that might help someone remove a hefty obstruction in their way? We often get discouraged when those closest can’t share in our joy. Just remember your success is a celebration that will be forever recognized by your Higher Self and that’s truly the only recognition you need.

Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 22) – The Emperor
A wise king doesn’t not need to control or manipulate his people, but instead leads them with the stern truth and a soft voice. How can you embody this credo this month and help those around you step into their power? Have you ever thought about becoming a Healer? Perhaps we are all Healers in our own right, but have you thought about doing it professionally? There are a variety of disciplines that might fascinate you! From float tanks to energy work to reiki to tarot readings, there are endless modalities of healing available on this planet. I offer this suggestion as you are quite disciplined dear Virgo. You have the ability to stay focused and on task. The world needs more of your wisdom and spiritual support. This month I would love for you to journal with this in mind: What if money didn’t exist? What if you were free from the constraints of financial worry? What would your life look like then? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a poet? Perhaps once upon a time you wanted to be an actor but didn’t pursue it because it was “impractical.” NOW is the time to reignite these forgotten dreams. We’ve all been offered a blank slate. I can’t wait to see what you do with yours.

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) – The Magician
How fascinating it is to watch us try to control our surroundings. The lengths we’ll go to in this physical realm to exert our personal power and free will! The Magician giggles and reminds us that the key to a happy existence is found in masery of the inner world. We often forget the karmic order of the universe. This month you are asked to do a self inventory. It’s time to take stock of the people who’ve been granted entry to your inner circle. Are they supportive? Kind? Generous? Thoughtful? Do they approach life with an optimistic outlook? Are they ambitious? Do you appreciate how they show up in the world? The people who surround you can have an enormous impact on your worldview. This internal mastery is not an easy task and it helps when you are in the company of those who are striving towards the same goal. We’ve long forgotten about our powers of manifestation. Our fearful thoughts or anxieties can often keep us trapped in a dark reality of our own making. With every ‘fact’ you are offered a choice can be made: you either can accept this as truth and adhere to its principles or you can first check in with the Divine. Start talking to your Guides a bit more, after all The Magician is the wizard who takes the esoteric principles and grounds them here on earth. Ask for their guidance and be sure to question everything. Things are rarely what they seem to be and there is always something new to uncover.

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 22) – Judgement
Ascension is not for the faint of heart dear Scorpio, but I think you’ve got what it takes. The card of transformation, Judgement asks that we play with the concept of forgiveness. Positioned right before The World, the last card in the major arcana, Judgement is the culmination of The Fool’s journey. It’s a place where we are asked to take all the knowledge we’ve been provided along our way and put it into practice. Are you able to forgive others for their transgressions? Or are you still hanging onto something deemed ‘unforgivable’? Forgiveness and redemption is the key to our spiritual freedom. We sometimes have to pull apart our resentments to start to recognize they are simply a mirror. Those we hate the most are living, breathing examples of the traits we most abhor in ourselves. If someone you didn’t know came up to you out of the blue and said “you’re an asshole!” you might be a little thrown off, but you’d laugh it off and claim that person to be a bit mentally unstable. Now let’s try the same scenario but with a family member of your choosing. Gets a bit more complicated doesn’t it? Because you hold them near and dear you’ve given weight to their opinions. You start to question yourself and self-doubt explodes in anger and intolerance. “How dare there! Who do they think they are?” Pull it apart some more and you’re really the one at fault. Why? You’ve decided to take a portion of what they’ve said to you as truth and have used it to beat yourself up. Your ego can’t comprehend this rapid succession of the subscious and reverts back into the reptilian brain. What happens next is anyone’s guess as emotion has completely taken over rational thought. How can you approach the next 30 days with pause, breathwork and curiosity? Next time someone ruffles your feathers try to identify what they’ve triggered. What old wound have they torn open and how can you forgive them, and yourself in this process.

Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 20) – The Sun
Sagittarius, I always welcome The Star in a tarot reading. It’s a card of hope and a clear connection to the Divine. They’ve come to say hello and let you know you’re walking down the righteous path of transformation. Things might have felt quite uncomfortable lately, especially as we saw you encouraged to embrace the shadow self last month. It’s not been an easy time. The Star is here to remind you that you are not alone! You are a brilliant being of light and stardust sent to this crazy planet for a purpose. Reconnect with that deep inner knowing. Perhaps things have gone haywire to get your attention. The Spirits weren’t content that you truly understood your gifts and wanted to ensure you’re living up to your true potential. If you’ve had a job stripped away or been forced to relocate recently just know that Goddess is simply wiping the slate clear for something even better than you could have ever imagined. The Star is a part of the metaphysical journey when we are closest to the unknown. Use this time to develop that connection and continue to raise your vibrational energy. I encourage you to consider creating a tiny indoor greenhouse as winter approaches to get your hands dirty. Take some to bask in the glow of the moon and the billions of flickering stars. Reconnect with anything that reminds you of the bounty of gifts Mother Nature has provided to us all. It’ll remind you that you’re part of something much bigger and bring your back to heart-centered space full of contentment and joy.

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