Moonlit Moments

The earth is awakening in ever blinding light. Mother Nature is rising up and surrounding us with her grace. The moon is one of her most powerful tools. This month we have a moon cycle that sometimes abruptly, but more often softly, realigns us all to our greater purpose.

Artemis, teach me to rebuild myself. To hone my vision and step into uncharted places with the fearless confidence of the Seeker and the heart of the Mystic.

-Danielle Blackwood

Deemed the Strawberry Moon by the northern Natives of our continent, the full moon we embraced on June 5 not only provided a perfect time to pick berries, but a place to open your heart. It’s the beginning of an enormous archetypal circle which we all can embrace collectively. The tarot starts this journey with The Fool. A word that often arises with a negative connotation, but here it uses to signify a pure, fresh and clear spirit that is unmarked by the chains of the societal constraints. Just like a toddler, we enter this phase of our spiritual journey with a sense of childlike wonderment. We learn to share, play and experience joy all in the same space. It’s a wonderful time to take a bath and release what no longer serves.

There are cycles born of our human whirs, and seasons in the storm of life as it plays out. How the moon brightens each month is a way in which we may illuminate a new path. Suddenly a pristine experience is made ready for our next, new phase.

Litha, or summer solstice on June 20, marks the longest day of the year where we honor the sun. Mere hours later, on June 21, we experience a mighty new moon which brings with it such a high vibration that it ignites all the flames that long have been put out. This new moon enters our night sky in a brilliant lunar eclipse. God and goddess are dancing in joy, delight and most importantly, hope. They bring with it an innate understanding of each other, our purpose and that love surrounds us all. 

When your year’s pinnacle reveals itself, how shall you glisten?

It’s important to celebrate our beautiful planet and all the helpful gifts it offers us this month as we transcend our limiting beliefs and step in our power. Ritual has always helped me harness these energies. I put together our Moon Ritual Box and our Litha Ritual Box with intention and care. They offer ways for you to join me in this practice. May you awaken the goddess within and join me in a dance in the moonlight. Sit with me in the sun. And most importantly know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I love you.


Brimming with powerful items carefully curated to lovingly support your moon practice for many months.

Our Phases of the Moon Ritual Box includes:

•  New Moon Salt Soak with Quartz
•  Iron Cauldron with Copal & Charcoal
•  Full Moon Bath Bomb
•  Selenite Stone with Lavender
•  New Moon 8.5oz Soy Body Candle
•  Soapstone Wolf Talisman & Incense
•  Phases of the Moon Ritual Booklet

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