Here we go… into the depths of the longest night. I am feeling this drop into a deeper night. How about you? Feel into that weight. But remember too, once we arrive there, everything starts to get brighter and lighter.

So I am here with my eyes on that light, watchful in my body and heart. I really love the affirmation we have in our Yule booklet for the Winter Solstice. I’m including it with its question for you to consider as you drop in too. I’ll be with you there.

All my love, always.

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How to experience a year? Have you watched a sun rise over a sleeping landscape? Have you tilted your face up to a night sky and had your breath taken away by the clarity of the stars? We sense it—a year as it moves within us in our daily gestures of love and longing. To truly encounter the moments of a passing year, we here at Magic Fairy Candles, have dedicated myriad days to the task of honoring the cadence of its unfolding. With each holiday, we pose a thoughtful question and affirmation as entryway for connecting more deeply to its placeholder in our passing year.

Here you have what you need for the Winter Solstice. May they ground you and guide you through the long night.

In an earth’s quiet night, how shall we comfort and renew each other’s hearts?


I collect myself inside the dark
calm, quiet, and willing.
I listen deep and watchful.
Within the silence
a luminosity sparks.

May I rest in this delicious lull.
May I fill others and be fulfilled.
Then may I soon turn again
to greet light’s luster freshly born.

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