I face the night & find Moon’s constancy.
My body stirred as the world’s tides.
May its full light ease my heart’s burdens.
May my will be wrought true
beneath its thoughtful shadow.
—Phases of the Moon Affirmation

A late summer full moon is always reason for tripping into the night with laughter and forgetting. I need some of that! My guess is you do too. Well, tonight’s full moon in Aquarius makes it possible to unclasp our hearts to let loose any regrets or misunderstandings.

I like to physically release under the full moon by taking a long bath, then energetically letting things go as the water drains away. That’s really satisfying. There are some wonderful rituals for this night too. Check out this week’s blog if you’d like some guidance. Then grab a friend or lover and get out to dance under that summer full moon!

All my love, always.

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How have you absorbed this life? We walk through a day and carry ourselves about in a body which senses—everything. This is how minds adhere to clutter, how hearts grow heavy, how burdens come to be. Thus there are cycles born of our human whirs, and seasons in the storm of this life as it plays out.

How the moon brightens each month is a way in which we may illuminate a new path. Suddenly a pristine experience is made ready for our next, new phase. We become cleansed and cleared under the full moon’s illuminations. We are delivered fresh upon a new day.

What have you grasped for too long? What is ready to be purged from your life in order to make room for an untried path?

A full moon is like a ripe peach ready to be plucked. As a tree releases what’s become full to bursting with lush sweetness, we too have a season ripe for release. Without expectation, meet your burdens in a place of willingness and write them down. The full moon’s blaze can ignite our will for change. You may find it very satisfactory to set your written full moon intentions aflame by the fire of your candle and allow them to burn completely in a safe, fireproof container.

I cleanse myself of all selfishness, resentment,
critical feelings for my fellow beings, self-condemnation,
and misinterpretation of my life experiences.

I bathe myself in generosity, appreciation, praise,
and gratitude for my fellow beings, self-acceptance,
and enlightened understanding of my life experiences.
—Lidia Frederico

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