Joanne’s story crossed the Great Divide to touch the hearts of all who have worked at Magic Fairy Candles as we brought together the contents for the Beltane Ritual Box. Her time spent within the burn scar of Big Basin Redwoods State Park showed her how the vibration of renewal is both powerful and intoxicating. She lovingly shared foraged items from the burn scar to form the basis for our Phoenix Rising altar artifact, enclosed in the Beltane Ritual Box. Blessings to you Joanne!

As you read over the items and her thoughts about them, may you too sense the potency of renewal born by fire and the land’s persistence.

“When I listen to the redwoods, I feel how they are sweet and loving, kind and protective.” Joanne’s time with the trees and their remains is uniquely solitary, in a place brought back to the beginning. From the center of ancient redwood stumps which continue to set out new growth, the pith and heartwood is essentially carbon and energy of two thousand years ago.

From what Joanne refers to as a huge mother tree which survived the heat and flames just thirty feet from the fire, these leaves are testament to the thriving spirit which has thrust up and out among the ash.

The fire stripped the land of all which was dead. “The dead stuff burns pretty fast when a fire comes through,” says Joanne. It’s a metaphor worth noting when considering a life and how you wish to live it. Revealed after, are rock formations which are essentially bones of the landscape. The mountains in their most revealed moment—strong, solid, remaining and remaining.

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