Lift your chin to the full moon and its glow is reflected onto your shining face. It is the Sun’s light shining upon the moon, now gracing your cheeks. Think about that. The light of our dear Sun goes on and on and on…

If you are feeling contemplative right now, you are not alone. The events of our world, paired with a full moon, lead us into a deep reflection. The guidance for today, printed on our Full Moons of the Year card reads, “To perceive a life—open your hands. A life’s desire rests in one palm, its fulfillment in the other. Under a Libra moon, it is possible to do what needs to be done to bring them into balance.”

To assist with opening, our uniquely potent Road Opener scent is like no other. In today’s blog I’m sharing the beauty of its affirmation and guidance. Its super amazing energy has helped spur me on and through many such moments. In this reflective time, may you too be supported, uplifted, and inspired to shine on like the Sun.

All my love, always.

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The expectations of a life as it unfolds are often based on what we have witnessed of those who have gone before us. But to align our path with that of another’s is to close the door on our own unique possibilities. For the true beauty of a life to rise to the surface, we must be willing to thrust ourselves time and again into a pristine, new experience. Once the heart is flung forward, we garner the courage to take hold of what’s meant to be ours.

Before I find my way
I will be eager to wander.
With palms open to clearer
freedoms, I welcome chance
and opportunity.
May the unnecessary
simply drop away.
May only the essential
gather at my feet.


Road Opener’s key notes are lemongrass, basil, & peppermint.

Ingredients in the Road Opener candle include GMM-free soy wax, organic coconut oil, organic botanicals, cross roads dust, mica, and a proprietary blend of organic essential oils encasing a crystal charged under the full moon. It is also available as a bath bomb, goat’s milk soap, body scrub, essential oil, mist, and bath salt.

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