We look up at the sky more often in summer I think. Tonight is a new moon, so the stars will seem brighter in the darkness. Under a new moon you get to manifest what you desire. It’s a powerful time in the cycle of our nights—more powerful sometimes than rituals under a full moon.

I like to write my “I am” affirmations under a new moon. I am healthy. I am wealthy. I am creative and inspiring. I am wise. I am balanced and compassionate. I am listening. There are so many things we can manifest for ourselves in the shadow of the moon. To get you started, there are questions and rituals specific to the new moon in this week’s blog. May you make manifest your most powerful “I am” affirmations!

All my love, always.

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The word wish, even as it is formed by the mouth, wafts as a whisper. It is made of breath, lighter than air. What of substance can we hope for when what is wanted is put forth in a simple puff. The true and actual are positioned oh so much more deeply in our souls. With the full force of our inner fortitude, we create. Upon the riot of a new moon’s cycling, we rouse an audacious spirit and amplify change. How to harness this raw energy?

What does your desire wish to bring into fruition? What might you try if you released fear and strengthened your resolve?

A new moon is the most beneficial time for discovering regeneration in one’s life. Without expectation, meet your desire in a place of openness and write it down. Under a new moon, this written remnant can be kept on your altar or by your bedside until the next full moon. Or you may wish to plant your intention in the earth for nurturance and growth by burying your paper in a garden. To send your intentions out onto the wind, you may wish to ignite the paper in a safe manner, to burn and transform the material and send your words into the ether.

Let your intuition be your guide. The choice is entirely yours.

May I be happy, content, and fulfilled.
May I be healed and whole.
May I be protected from harm and free from fear.
May I enjoy inner peace and ease.
May I be awakened, liberated, and free.
May there be peace in this world and throughout the entire universe.

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