“The page continues to turn. The rhythm, the rhythm will come from dreams.” From The Pact by Adrian Castro

We receive messages every day. We take notice of some. Others slip away. As we journey through October and the night comes earlier to our door, we are given opportunity to be open. This period in the Wheel of the Year expands our natural intuitive nature.

In this week’s blog I am sharing a Tarot ritual to assist with fine tuning the reception between your own heart and those of your ancestors and guides. Should you wish to work with a specific card in the major arcana of the Tarot, our Tarot line of candles present the opportunity to deepen your thoughtful meditations. They are all 20% off right now, using the coupon code provided below. They provide a sensory experience of the Tarot like no other.

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May the messages you require speedily find their way to your heart.

All my love, always.

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In the Wheel of the Year, October 31st is the eve of the new year. Here in the space between one year and another, between the world of the living and the dead, the veil thins and you are given a generous dose of intuition. It is absolutely the best time to consult your Tarot deck and divine a reading for the year ahead!

Here you have a clear and simple, single-card method of divination which can be quite powerful. It is practiced with the entire body sensing. It is a thoughtful, introspective ritual which when experienced repeatedly, can help to hone your intuition.

Begin by approaching the ritual with a calm heart:

Your Tarot deck.
A pendulum (or ring hanging from a necklace or string.)

Make a space at your table. Shuffle, then cut the cards. Sit with the deck in your hands. Close your eyes. Breathe gently and call upon the natural insight which rests within. Call up a question from your heart. Ask for guidance or revelation or clarity.

You may have something very specific to ask. Trust it. Ask and be open.

Breathe in the scent of your smoldering palo santo and draw in the wisdom of the Ancients. Connect with your own ancestry and trust the guidance coming from all those who have journeyed before you. Connect with your personal spirituality and beliefs in a manner which is open and honest.

Open your eyes. Spread the cards face down upon the tabletop in any manner you wish—in a straight line, fan, or messy pile! Hang your pendulum or strung ring from you dominant hand and hover it above your cards. Close your eyes again. Breathe in again. Remember your question.

Now move your hand slowly over the spread of cards, keeping your eyes closed. Simply feel your way to the answer. Keep your arm and hand relaxed. Move and sense. You may know you are hovering over your divined card by energy you feel in your fingers, hand, arm, or perhaps your heart. Trust yourself.

Open your eyes. Turn over your card. Take your time to look at the card, but also sense its message.

Ask yourself these questions:

What do I see?
Do I hear a message in the silence?
What did I feel in my body the moment I turned over the card?
How can I look at the meaning of the card from different perspectives?

Take time to gather your cards. Breathe in again. On your exhalation, let go your expectations and vow to remain open to the messages you received. Offer up your gratitude in a manner which connects with your spirituality.

You may choose to keep this card on your altar or at your bedside for the entirety of the next year to measure your life’s changes against the wisdom it is offering you.

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