When your life is in balance, you know it without question. Everything just feels good and right. Conversely, when energy between you and another feels off, you find yourself in a state of unease. It is possible however, to regain balance.

As we approach the Fall Equinox, it’s the perfect time to assess and rebalance areas of our life. In this week’s blog, I’m sharing a timeless ritual to help you get back to that center place. These sorts of rituals seem too simple sometimes to actually spark a change. But often the simplicity key. When we make ritual easy, it can become a part of how we live rather than something we do. May you enjoy an ease of heart as you journey back to your center.

All my love, always.

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This timeless balancing ritual is variously outlined in texts of our world’s ancient cultures. The heart of the practice seems simple—to regard the suffering of others exactly as our own suffering and to help others as if they were ourselves. The steps are both an individual and universal journey.

With palms resting in your lap, allow your breath to come and go without changing it. Close your eyes. Without expectation or judgement, visualize the person with whom you are experiencing an imbalance. Imagine them seated in front of you in all their joy and sorrow, challenges and strengths. Envision this person with a spirit of relaxed openness.

From here, breathe and call up all you wish to say to this person—perhaps feelings of confusion, regret, difficulty, anxiety, or sorrow. Give yourself plenty of time to breathe and feel. Then open your eyes and begin to write.

• Immediately write all of what you want to say to this person, remembering they are open to receiving your words.
• Once finished, instantly write a response from them to you, writing from within their openness. Trust your intuition and simply write without much thought.
• Breathe for a moment. Close your eyes. Sense the energy of this exchange. See this person still seated before you, softened and open. See yourself softened too.
• Allow your hand to move more freely. Write more of what your heart needs to say. Trust this person will hear you. Then write their response to you.
• Complete as many exchanges needed to feel emptied of your concerns.

Close your eyes to visualize this person in all their human frailties and strengths. Breathe and sense how their suffering is similar to your own. Ask this person how you can help. Listen for how they can help you. Breathe. Rest in the depth of your heart’s compassion. Notice over the coming days, the changes in yourself, and the changes in how you interact with this person and others.

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