Grandmother blue sage, or Salvia azurea, is a wild blue sage common in the heartland and parts of the west. It grows nearly five feet tall and has unmistakeable sky blue flowers which appear in autumn. Even at five feet, it is the more diminutive wild sage of our land and naturally holds more moisture in its leaves. Because of this, it will stay lit for a good length of time and often smolder a beautifully languid ribbon of somewhat floral smoke.

Energetically, it is associated with the wisdom and healing lineage of the Native American grandmothers of North America who discovered, administered, and shared its medicinal and energetic properties.

Grandfather white sage, or Salvia apiana, is a wild white sage which grows only in the arid and dry west of our land. It can reach six feet in height, with white to pale lavender flowers which appear in spring. Its naturally dry habitat makes for an ethereal and lofty smoke when this sage is lit and smoldering.

Energetically, it is associated with the Native American tribes of southwest North America who trust and honor its medicinal and spiritual powers as deeply as they honor and trust the wisdoms of their ancestral grandfathers. Its appearance in the desert is revered for its towering silver presence of protection and healing.

Both Grandmother and Grandfather sage smudge bundles are available in our Trifecta Bundle.

Our bodies and environments are not simply physical, they vibrate with invisible, silent energy. Smudging is performed to unseat obstructive energies, making it possible to live with an ease of the heart and a clarity of the mind.

Light smudge bundles and set them in a fireproof container as you allow them to smolder. Carry and waft smoke amongst the rooms of your home, around humans and pets dear to you (taking care with those sensitive to smoke), over ritual tools, and your altar. Likewise, you may wish to set a smoldering bundle nearby when practicing meditation or relaxation, reading Tarot, while working, or cleaning.

When you are ready to extinguish your bundle, offer up your gratitude to those whose wisdom brought forth this healing and protective practice. Place the tip of the smoldering bundle into sand or dry soil, tamping it until the smoke ceases. Tap away excess sand or soil and store the bundle in a dry area to use again.

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