For the past couple weeks first harvests have begun. Today marks the holiday of Lammas. From the Old English word hlāfmæsse, meaning loaf mass, the most prominent ritual for this day is to make and break bread with others. It’s also the perfect interlude to reflect upon summer’s plenties arriving and still to come. You can almost feel the weight of the burgeoning landscape.

I like to enjoy that feeling and look around longer at what’s happening. With that in mind, I’m sharing the question and affirmation from our Lammas ritual box booklet. On this day, I wish for you a nice long exhalation and the enjoyment of the plentiful in your life.

All my love, always.

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Our labors in life produce more life. Not one thing exists alone. Each is essential. From the Latin word essentia, meaning essence, every human, creature, stone, plant, grain of wheat, possesses an intrinsic nature which is essential to the whole of life. It is with this knowledge that we honor and celebrate Lammas.

With each holiday in the Wheel of the Year, we pose a thoughtful question and affirmation as entryway for connecting more deeply to its placeholder in our passing year. You may wish to read one or both aloud as part of your ritual or celebration.

With a bounty of life’s nourishments before you, how shall you honor the essential?

By my hands a legacy
of their labors has been realized—
strong efficient and unwavering.

In them rests every reward.
From them flows all life’s generosities.

May I build upon my strengths.
May I build courage in others
by my pure benevolence.

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