There can never be too much magic! I make little places in my garden to invite fairy folk to come and live—new places every year. There are tiny doors and altars and collections of special stones. This year I’m adding a place for all of the heart-shaped stones which I’ve found, seeding it with wildflowers.

This week’s blog gives you a starting point for creating a fairy home in your garden or in a wild space you frequent. But you can also build a fairy terrarium with a large jar or glass container to keep inside your home. Once you start, you aren’t going to want to stop! Do we ever need a reason to make more magic?

All my love, always.

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There is nothing quite so magical as a tiny home for tiny beings. Making a fairy home is a delightful journey, connecting us to the natural world in ways which create exceptional awareness. We soon see each small thing with fresh eyes. If there is a small child in your life, this is an enchanting activity to do together.

Twigs, dried vines, fallen bark or leaves, flower pods, pussy willows, dried gourds, acorns and caps, sweet gum balls, thorns, dried grasses, moss and flowers, shells, stones, pine cones, abandoned snail shells, fallen bird feathers, or corn husks, just to start.

Please only gather natural items which have completed their life cycle. You may of course include new plantings in your creation.

As you choose a place to begin, shrink yourself down to fairy size by getting your face close to the ground to view the world. If you don’t have a garden, you can build in a park, along a trail, or in the woods. Construct a little home with twigs, stones, a hollow log, an old clay pot, a broken basket, or old metal bucket. Imagine a door and windows, little window sills, a mossy roof, tiny benches, tables, a wee little garden, adding details using what you’ve gathered. Soon you’ll find your imagination going off on its own.

Gardening twine is useful for making fences, gates, or furniture, by joining small twigs and vines. Shells and tiny tin cans make wishing wells or little fairy ponds. Try binding stacked stones with a mixture of soil and water. Tuck in some dried moss. Use items for construction which will break down outdoors naturally.

Magic happens as you create and engage your imagination. Your eye will spot more and more tiny things in the world. Add little plantings or seeds in different seasons. Sprinkle some bird seed and see if you attract visitors. If your little fairy home falls down, let it be an invitation to observe change. Then perhaps later, begin anew.

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